Sometimes the greatest words a mom can hear are—“There’s an app for that.” Between caring for our children, and managing the household as well as our lives, things can become hectic. Luckily, we hold a sea of applications right in the palm of our hands. So, grab your smart phone and start a list, because you’re going to want to remember these helpful apps that save you time and energy.


This app was created to give parents peace-of-mind. It includes features that allow you to receive alerts when your child arrives at a predetermined location (IE: school or home), be notified when your child makes new friends or checks-in on Facebook and Instagram, monitor language and signs of bullying on social media, and even receive alerts if your child is in or driving a car that is speeding. This all-around protection app is for the mom who wants to keep a watchful eye, even from a distance. 

Cost: Free

Availability: Google Play | Apple Store

EWG’s Skin Deep Mobile App

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database provides critical information about the toxicity of products you and your family use daily. Get the app to find information about the products you purchase, while on the go.

Cost: Free

Availability: Google Play | Apple Store


As moms, we know that planning, cooking and serving a homemade meal can seem like a daunting task with everything else on our plates. With BigOven, you can search more than 350,000 recipes on the go. No more handwriting your grocery list, this app lets you convert all your recipes into a simple shopping list. Plus, you’ll waste less food using this app—just enter your leftovers and BigOven will create a meal, no shopping trip necessary.

Cost: Free

Availability: Google Play | Apple Store | Windows Phone Store


Eating on the go can become more of a hassle than a convenience if your children have food allergies. With the AllergyEats app, you can find local restaurants that offer menu items suitable for specific dietary needs, or see what restaurants provide allergy-friendly dining with a staff willing to work with special requests. You’ll also find food allergy dining tips, resources and news. 

Cost: Free

Availability: Google Play | Apple Store

Ignore No More

Does your teen have their phone glued to their hand, but when you call or text they don’t respond? Then this is the perfect app for you. Created by a mother who was tired of worrying about her son when he didn’t respond, Ignore No More allows parents to “lock” their child’s phone remotely until they contact their parents. When locked, the child’s phone will access only emergency and preselected numbers.

Cost: $1.99

Availability: Google Play

Coupon Sherpa

The days of clipping and printing coupons, only to forget them at home when you head to the store, are finally over. With Coupon Sherpa, you can access coupons from more than 5,000 retailers including Walmart and Old Navy, and simply present the coupon to be scanned when you check out.  

Cost: Free

Available: Google Play | Apple Store

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