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The 2013 Moore tornado was an EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma.

 Among the hardest hit areas were two public schools: Briarwood Elementary School and Plaza Towers Elementary School. At the latter school, 75 children and staff were present when the tornado struck. Seven children died at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Moore Medical Center was heavily damaged, but no injuries were caused there. Staff had to relocate 30 patients to a hospital in Norman and another hospital. Part of Interstate 35 was shut down due to debris that had been thrown onto the freeway. On May 21, Moore still did not have running water. There were more than 61,500 power outages related to the tornado.

More than 100 people were rescued from areas that sustained significant damage on May 20.

 With individuals and voluntary organizations many people live. Many children were saved from the tornado and now can continue their lives. The intervention of “Save the Children” was very important to many people don’t died crushed within the walls of their homes today to tell their story.

The purpose of all this is that the man can not control nature, but if we can help directly or indirectly to each other when nature comes in the form of evil. We have to be aware of and appreciate the work of people working to help others as “Save the Children”. Made a very important work, saved many lives.

 Her I save your testimonies of how children acted a that time:


Miss Cathy saved my leg! Miss Cathy saved my leg!”  At first, Andrea had no idea what her 4-year-old daughter meant by those words.  But she was incredibly thankful that child care worker Cathy had watched over Aria as the tornado approached and then tore her daughter’s day care to pieces.  For the two hours Andrea and her husband struggled to reach the Agapeland Learning Center in Moore, they didn’t know if Aria was dead or alive.  Only later did they learn that the tornado had started sucking Aria up toward the sky as it ripped off the roof where Cathy had taken kids to shelter.  Cathy quickly grabbed for Aria’s leg and held as tight as she could until the tornado passed.  Then it was Cathy who needed support and Andrea who wanted to help.  “I know Miss Cathy lost her home and lost her car. And now she’s not got a job, the day care’s not there.  These teachers lost everything in the process of saving everything for me.” Andrea started a Facebook page and raised enough money to pay Cathy and other teachers their lost wages. Three weeks after the tornado, Cathy was back at work and Aria back at play after Save the Children helped Agapeland reopen in a new location.



Oklahoma tornado survivors 2013

Thanks humanity volunteer and non-profit organizations as many children were saved from this phenomenon. From Oil&Life, we want to thank “Save the Children” to save lives at the time. But we also want to thank you for exist and be present throughout the world. Aid for all children with difficulties, please help promote social awareness of children, thanks for promoting equality between boys, thanks for that sensitize children comes first. THANKS!!!!



- Wikipedia

- Save the Children



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