The Color of Your Walls Can Make You Happier: Choose The Right Paint And Live Better

Until I was ten, the walls in my parent's house were white. That year, my mother went into a decorating frenzy. Suddenly the kitchen was yellow, there was wallpaper in the foyer, and the living room had been wrapped in wainscoting the color of a ripe persimmon. My mother hung pictures, and rearranged furniture, but nothing changed the feel of the house like the color of the walls.

Years later, after a bad breakup, I got my first solo apartment. The first thing I did after moving in was buy paint. I knew that the best way to make that space mine, to really make it reflect the kind of life I wanted to live, was to change the color of the walls.

I never thought about why those colors spoke to me, but after moving recently, I ran across an awesome infographic about color theory in decorating.

It lays out exactly what effect each color has on your mood, and how to harness those effects to create a living space that really works for you.

For example, green promotes broader, more creative thinking; so if you want to finish that novel, painting the walls in your study green will give you a push in the right direction.

Orange promotes conversation, which made me think of the lively discussions we had growing up in my mother's persimmon colored living room.

The only room they advocate for painting white is the utility room. White creates a feeling of cleanliness, and a sense of space; exactly what you need when there are jobs to get done.

After pouring over the infographic, and literally holding the color wheel up to my beige living room walls, I found myself headed out in search of paint sample cards. I haven't bought paint yet, but just having the tiny color samples taped to the wall makes me see how much more these walls will enhance my life when they're painted the right

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