My purpose in life is different than others...I've come to grips with it...and as family and friends you should too...I am painfully honest.....annoying...I can be a pain in the can agree or say it behind my back its okay...I already know lol but because I care I will check on you...I will call you...I will text you...I will push you if I believe in you...and I will ask your opinion if I value what you have to thing is if ever you *NEED ME...I am here...and we can equally have fun at my house or yours .......and if who I am or how I am doesn't bother you in those moments...... then things you may not like about me shouldn't either...leading to my point....Be patient with one another...know your friends and family...and then know their intentions...Everyone is not going to act like you or talk like you but that's okay be patient with them as I am sure they may tolerate a lot of things you say or do that you may or may not know about.....Have the patience of God..He is ever so patient with you and I..its a lot to ask huh?? I know lol...but its worth it.....Lots of Love Moms...Be Blessed!

(*unless instructed otherwise by someone else or God who I feel are looking out for me)

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