We understand how hard it can be to turn your passion project into an income generator, and we’ve created a program to help. If you’ve been searching for a new revenue stream for your blog that goes beyond a simple pageview model, read on! Our new affiliate marketing program makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get started.  Best of all, the program isn’t just free to participate in but there are some free gifts available to those who join.

1. If you haven’t joined the program yet visit www.MomBloggersGiftMembership.com to learn more about this opportunity and to sign up.


2. Visit your Mom Bloggers Club Gift Membership Thank you page. There you’ll find personalized Mommy’s Club banner ads that are equipped with customized tracking for your blog so you get credit for each purchase and member referral earned by your ads. You will be taken to your Thank you page after sign-up and it will also be emailed to you in your confirmation email.


3. Copy and paste the banner code that best fits into your blog design. There are currently three standard ad sizes available: 160x600, 300x250 and 728x90.


4. Receive monthly commission checks for all purchases and member referrals converted by your banners. You’ll not only be rewarded for the people you refer, but by the people they refer and so on; for as long as they remain members of Mommy’s Club meaning the earnings potential is exponential.


So who or what is Mommy’s Club?
What started out as a local mom club play-date and turned into a mission to make the safest Toxic-Free, All-Natural and Organic products affordable for families. They’re also the first membership club that allows members to earn points and cash back on purchases they make and others they refer into the club make.

As an added thank you for joining, Mommy’s Club is gifting you a membership to their exclusive buying club and a 4oz Organic and Toxic Free Perfect Touch Hand Sanitizer free of charge.



Ready to get started? https://www.mombloggersgiftmembership.com

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