How to Make the Most of Children’s Recital Day

Whether a child is doing a poem reading, dancing a ballet solo, playing a musical instrument, or singing a classic ballad, recital night is bound to become one of the most memorable moments of his or her young life. It’s essentially a rite of passage for school-age children.

As teachers and parents, it is important for you to do everything you can not only to ensure that the kids will be successful in their endeavor, but also so that they can have great memories of the experience, something that they can treasure for many years to come.

Here are some ideas that you can consider:

Prepare a fantastic stage set-up – Nothing says “you deserve this moment” better than a stage spruced up to look as great as possible. Work with a theater design consultant or get help from a professional backdrop and curtain provider so you can pick the best backdrops and drapery for the show. Also see to it that the stage lights and sound system are in order to make sure that the kids’ performance will be as fantastic as possible.

Encourage the kids to practice constantly – Practice sessions are an important aspect of the whole process of joining a recital. They not only hone the children’s skills, they also help prepare these kids mentally by making them more familiar and confident with the material they are handling.

You can also help the children develop their own pre-practice routine as part of the sessions, a little like how professional performers or athletes prepare to get rid of pre-show jitters. For those using their voice, this can include vocalization exercises, while for dancers, it can be stretching and flexibility exercises. Those playing musical instruments can include musical hardware cleaning and adjusting as part of their warm-up drill. Essentially, such routines can serve as mindfulness exercises that can help clear the children’s minds as they get ready for the day.

Conduct dress rehearsals – Related to practice sessions, dress rehearsals are a huge deal. Rehearsing with their full costumes on and with all the lights and music will help the children acclimatize to the conditions of the stage. It will allow them to experience what their actual performance is going to be like, thus helping alleviate their fears or apprehensions about the big day.

Help the kids choose the right piece to perform – A lot of times, the material chosen for a child’s performance can spell the difference between an absolutely remarkable show and a performance that is just okay. Help the kids do a solid showing by choosing a musical piece, a literary piece, or a choreography that really brings out the best in them. When children are comfortable with their material, they can develop a sense of assurance that will allow them to concentrate instead on doing their absolute finest on stage.

Get all concerned parties involved – Finally, if you’re in the recital’s organizing committee, make sure that you get all the parents, teachers, and kids truly involved in the endeavor. It happens all too often that important details get overlooked because of lack of communication between the parties. Such incidents can result in problems that can really get in the way of people having a good time and just enjoying the fact that the kids will be performing on stage.

In fact, it would be great if everyone can consider the children’s recital day as a community gathering. It’s really a good opportunity for the kids to be able to bond and make friends, as well as for teachers and parents to meet one another and to celebrate the children’s success on stage.

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