How to choose best outdoor jacket for winters

Having a good quality winter apparels are vital and owning a proper winter jacket is very crucial especially when you are living in the north part wherein winters temperature falls below zero degrees, and snowfall starts.  People tend to buy a light jacket which can keep the body warm but not when it is cold outside. There are many features to look when purchasing winter jackets like fleece-lined pockets and removable hoods to higher quality insulation and waterproof outer shells. Some valuable tips on choosing winter jackets are below


The main feature to keep in mind when buying a jacket for winters in it should be waterproof.  It consists of different layers, and exterior fabric is waterproof. The material used outside of the jacket should be either light polyester materials or nylon with Durable water repellent coatings to make it waterproof.


Insulation from the inside of the jacket and good quality insulation comes from ducks and geese a fluffy plumage that comes from their feathers. The insulation keeps the body warm by keeping the air against your skin. Inner insulation has High warmth-to-weight ratio, compressible, lightweight, durable with the proper care.

Outer insulation

It is made from synthetic materials.  Like polyester, threading and fibers. Fiber helps to keep the warm air within the body. It also resists the water and keeps the body dry when it is raining. It is less expensive as compared to the down insulation. It makes the jacket heavier but sometimes it is better to choose the jacket depending on the purpose of its use. If you are planning to travel or walk long distances when wearing jacket prefer buying a men's voodoo falls 590 turbo down jacket or men’s tumalt creek™ hooded jacket or men's Barlow pass 550 turbo down quilted jacket and using Columbia sportswear coupons would save you money on the purchase of these jackets.


Hoods are one of the most important parts of winter jackets. It protects from rain as well as keeps your body warm on cold days of the year. Some people do not like the hood, or they do not need it removable hoods have solved this problem as well, or you can stow the hood and make a neck buff of it.


Cuffs are very useful for trapping heat. Cuffs are made of different fibers like fleece, knit, elastic and nylon.  It also keeps the hands warm and prefers buying jackets with cuffs that have thumb holes in them as they stay fit on your hands. 

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