Hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was a good one.


I ran my first half marathon of 2013. The Chocolate Milk Martian Half Marathon sponsored by Running Fit.

When I signed up for this race in January I figured the weather would be at it’s worst in the upper 40’s/low 50’s. I was so wrong. All week the weather forecast for Saturday kept changing. Thursday and Friday the forecast stayed the same, temperature in the upper 30’s with a chance of rain and flurries. I have to be honest, I started to get nervous. I have run two other races this winter in cold temperatures but they were both under an hour so it wasn’t bad. Running for 2 hours in cold blustery temperatures made me nervous. Mostly because I don’t typically run outside in the cold, I spend my winters on the treadmill.

I had difficulty deciding what to wear because I knew once I got going I would warm up so I didn’t want too many layers but not too few that I would stay cold, not to mention if there were flurries and rain I would be wet the entire race. I had a water resistant sweatshirt, a baseball hat to shield my face from rain and snow and leggings so I decided that would work.

When I woke up Saturday morning the weather forecast had changed slightly, there was no longer a chance of rain or snow during the race, PHEW! That made me feel a bit better. I decided to ditch the sweatshirt for a wind breaker type jacket and no hat (just wore a winter hat)

I arrived early enough to the race to say good luck to my sister-in-law who raced her first ever 10K! (I am very proud of her, she did great!! I am also excited because she is seriously considering running a half marathon with me this fall-I am going to keep on her because I KNOW she CAN do it and WILL LOVE IT!)

Now I had run 13.1 miles twice in the last month as a training run and I knew the distance wouldn’t be an issue but for whatever reason I am always nervous on race days. I am never looking to win or be the top in my age group, instead I focus on trying to beat myself but regardless I was a mix of nerves and excitement Saturday.

race this girl

I had my PRO Compression socks on, I took my last serving of Energy Bits, I had my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 running shoes on and I had Clif Shot Bloks in my pocket (this was the first time I tried the chews instead of the gel, I like the chews much better the gel is too thick for me during a run). I decided to switch one thing up for race day and instead of listening to music I decided to listen to Jillian Michaels Podcast instead. I know you aren’t supposed to try something new on race day but figured this was a minor change that if it didn’t work I could easily get music going.

The race started and off I went. I kept a good solid pace throughout the race. I have been working on keeping a consistent pace. The weather switched between mild to blustery. The blusteriest (is that a word?) part was the last mile. Most of the race you were protected in neighborhoods and in between buildings but the last mile brought you out on a main road and the wind was cold and strong. I typically kick it up a notch that last mile but that wind made it a bit tough.

My switch to listening to the podcasts was a good one too, it made the time go faster. It took about 2 podcasts to get through the race and I was engaged in what they were talking about rather then wondering how many more songs until I am done. I will be doing that again for sure!

My goal for the race was to finish under 2 hours and I am very happy to say I reached my goal!!

Net Time: 01:54:50.68

Overall : 597 / 1952

Gender : 177 / 1045

Category : 34 / 194

(a side note: my son wished there were 6 more people in my category so it would have been an even 200)

It was a great race with a cool medal.

I added it to my hook!



I was only going to do one other half this year but now I have my sights on a third one over labor day weekend. But for now the next race on the calendar is the Komen Detroit Race for the Cure 5K.(click on the link to my donation page) (I will be talking about this more on Thursday)



How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did this weekend?

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