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I just came back from “Mom’s’ Night Out – Women Who Make a Difference,” an event organized by Beth Feldman from It was wonderfully inspiring to hear Lee Woodruff talk about her journey after her husband Bob suffered a brain injury in Iraq, Alison Tepper Singer’s advocacy for autism that grew out of her daughter being diagnoses as autistic, and Lauren Candela-Katz’s involvement in fundraising. All of them, including Beth, stressed that they are doing what they are passionate about, and the importance of giving back.

I know I am doing what I am supposed to do at this time of my life, writing about my experience of being a mother. I never could have known how much being a mom changed everything for me, how passionate I would become about breastfeeding and natural childbirth, and how much I want other moms to profit from my experiences as a mom. A week ago I talked to my brother in Berlin via Skype. He is a programmer and Web designer and helped me tremendously with my blog ( (He knows how to add those pesky beta codes! He just started a website called pongmuseum, and it is so successful, he has already been interviewed by the BBC! Impressive!) When I was telling him that I was blogging about breastfeeding, he started laughing. He said, labeling myself as a breastfeeding mom of a toddler made me sound like a cow!

I didn’t take Oliver’s comment personally, but it really stuck with me. Should I not make breastfeeding such an emphasis on my blog? I run a charity project where I give free clothes and toys to struggling mothers-to-be/mothers, and I always try to tell them about the benefits of breastfeeding and the great resources that are available, like the La Leche League. Now I was wondering, was I proselytizing to them? Is it my business to steer them away from formula feeding? So I thought about it, and in my heart of heart I know this is true: Knowing about all the benefits of breastfeeding, for mother and child, I HAVE to write about it; my passion for it is a huge reason why I blog. I think it is a tragedy if a baby doesn’t get breastfed, I really do, because I know that almost every mom can breastfeed if she gets the correct encouragement and support.

I can not help it, I want every mother to experience that special bond you have with your baby and the pride you feel being able to give your child this amazing gift of the perfect nourishment and comfort. You don’t have to nurse your baby for over two years like I am; every day, every month you breastfeed helps you and your baby. Yet so many women don’t try breastfeeding or give up, and I want to be a resource for support. In addition to that, I want other moms to benefit from all the other things I experience and write about on this journey through mommyhood. There are plenty of interesting posts for non-breastfeeding moms on my blog. Aside from my charity project, this is how I give back, like Lee, Beth, Alison, and Lauren. I am opinionated, frugal, and a breastfeeding advocate, and I am proud to write about what I am passionate about. I encourage all of you to follow your passion as well.

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Comment by Dagmar Bleasdale on February 26, 2009 at 11:57am
Dear NYCity Mama, thank you for your post! I try to never to be pushy or leave the impression that I think not breastfeeding is terrible. I wish every mom would do it, but obviously it's everyone's choice. I also write about many other things that have noting to do with breastfeeding.

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