Factors to Consider in Buying a TIG Welder

Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), also known as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), is a method of welding best used for joining different kinds of metal, welding heat-sensitive metals and welding titanium. The process makes use of a non-consumable electrode made up of tungsten to produce a weld.

Capabilities and limitations of TIG welding

TIG welders make use of a tungsten electrode which is smaller in size compared to the traditional stick-welding rod. The small size enables more precise welds and the ability to weld on thin metals, as well as heat-sensitive ones.TIG welding is also used for applications that require precise and clean strokes (e.g. automotive work, sculpting).

Limitations of the method include increased cleaning and preparation time before welding. Cleaning is important since contaminations can weaken and blemish the weld. Compared to other welding techniques, TIG welding is the most time-consuming.

How to choose a TIG welder for your needs

  • Adaptability. It is preferable to use welders that can perform many different jobs using less equipment. Buying a high-end welder that can perform many functions is better than buying many cheap ones, each with a different function.

  • User-friendly. It is better to consider a model which has clear labels to the controls of the machine. Another feature to look out for would be the auto-save feature, which enables users to save settings they usually use.

  • Resilience. One should consider buying a model that has many special features to prolong machine life. Some of these features include fans (for preventing overheating) and thermal overload shut-off (automatically shuts off machine when it is too hot).

  • Heat control. It is best to choose a model that can seamlessly switch from high to low current and vice-versa in order to control heat released by the welder.

  • Amperage capacity. The most cost-effective model to look out for would be one which has a wide amperage range. A wide range enables the user to weld more kinds of metals than one with a narrow range.

  • AC and DC welding. You should opt for a model that can do both AC and DC welding since different metals require particular types of current.

  • Movability. An optimum model should have a handle for easy moving of the machine.

These factors are guidelines that can be used to make an informed decision when buying a TIG welder. The most defining factor would still be one’s preference. When buying, be sure that you know exactly what you want from thewelder to be bought. For a list of recommended TIG weldersto help you decide, please check the Welder Bros website.

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