Love is in the air…

When a man pops the question, “Will you marry me?” The answer generally is,” yes I will.” “Will she?”

That remains a mystery until the big day. Most of the time when a man proposes to a woman she is filled with excitement and anticipation, especially if she really loves the man. She actually has been waiting patiently for the formal proposal.

I know times have changed and people are evolving but one thing remains constant and that’s true love. True love will always defy all odds and people’s expectations.

Most women at some time in their lives dreamed about getting married. The excitement tends to focus more on the planning of the wedding, how many people will be in attendance and of course being the most beautiful woman in the room. It’s her moment and all eyes and attention will be on the bride.

Many women approach marriage with an unrealistic fairytale concept. I believe it’s because so much time is spent planning the event and the excitement of being in love. Excitement after receiving the big diamond ring can sometimes make you lose sight of reality—two imperfect people coming together with common goals and aspirations of life, declaring their love for each other.

The engagement ring is a symbol of the love and admiration that the man has for the woman expressed outwardly.  After-all, you cannot propose without a ring, the ring makes it official.

Love is in the air…

I know most women who get engaged are very excited and the news begins to spread like a wildfire. Of course the size of the diamond seems to be the main attraction instead of the size of the heart of the person that gave the ring. Apparently, the man has enough love to present the ring and the woman has enough love to accept the ring and the engagement is on.  The question is “will there really be a wedding?”

During the betrothal stage (a mutual promise or contract for a future marriage) many things can happen and does. The two love—birds are getting to know one another better. Getting acquainted with one another can determine a lot of things. During this stage the love should blossom and grow to get them to the next stage…the wedding. While the bride is busy planning, scheduling, selecting and changing her mind there is one more stage that should be considered;  “The happily ever after.” That should be the focus of the entire process; the love and adoration that should continue to grow and blossom so that you can honor your wedding vows and keep them. Remember the vows for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in holy matrimony to death do us part. The couple responds, “I will!”

Love is in the air…

Somewhere in between that entire process are prenuptials contracts, credit reports and writing your own vows. “Is love still in the air?” “Is there enough love for, “happily ever after?” That's what you should think about before you say I do...

Ursula Tara Davis

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