Earlier this week, I was waiting to pick up my son from preschool and in addition to my two year old, I had In the car with me my brother-in-law. Apparently, it was quite entertaining for him to see me putt my makeup on while we waited in the parking lot of the school. He said something like "Man, you will just put your makeup on anywhere, huh?" My immediate thought was "Uhh, yeah...why not?" Then I starting thinking that maybe that is a weird thing to do. So I made it a point to pay attention through out the week and never once saw another person putting makeup on. Hmm. Is it really that rare?

I guess I should justify why have I stooped to this level and made such ridiculous choices.*chuckle* For starters, I have a two year old daughter that I swear can smell when I open my makeup bag. She loves my sparkly makeup and has gone to great lengths to "seek and destroy" if she can get her hands on it. Add my four year old son to the picture and I am never allowed a minute of privacy. Both kids follow me around like little lost puppies in the morning. I could lock myself in the bathroom but I would have two little monsters banging on the door asking for more juice and to use my potty instead of their own. And speaking of the bathroom, I would like to thank California for reminding me that we don't need the biggest house (because you can't afford one and I am still trying to figure out how the **** people do it out here) but I would really appreciate a bathroom bigger than the hall closet. Even if I wanted to do my hair and makeup in the bathroom, there is not enough counter space. The guest bathroom is actually a tad bigger. Another weird thing is that my bathroom lights have to "warm up" for a few minutes before they are bright enough to make a difference. It's very strange and I honestly don't have the patience.

I also try to avoid being the person everyone is waiting on. I have trained myself to do my makeup in the car so that I'm not holding up the show. Most mornings, there is either not enough time or I am not even really awake and motivated to get myself together before heading out the door for the first time. Sitting in a parking lot in the car makes a great place to put makeup on. The kids are locked in their seat belts and as long as they can't get into anything, it only takes me a few minutes. There is plenty of light and with my nifty little travel bag, I can quickly apply a little mascara just to avoid scaring any innocent bystanders that might be unaware of what a tired, hungry and half-crazy mom looks like without makeup. Really, it is for you're own good.


So tell me, do you put your makeup on in public?


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Comment by Keri Schneider on January 22, 2011 at 12:11pm
haha...yeah, the weekends are much easier with DH around! :)
Comment by Heather Jones on January 22, 2011 at 12:34am

LOL! Well not yet at least...but I think I have every now and then put some make up on in the car in the parking lot before going in to work, or something like that. I'm a stay at home mom now, so I can do it on the weekends, lock the toddler out of the room even if he is pounding on the door and daddy will usually come rescue me by entertaining him....but I only wear make up two days a week....

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