I'm pretty sure the last time I went to the store, there were about 10 new phones that I'd never seen before. I also expect that the next time I go into that store, I'll see 10 more new phones.

My point is that it seems like there is a new cell phone model out every day. But there are, in my estimation, a few that stand above the rest. So why not? Here they are:

1) Samsung Galaxy S III - This is the best Android phone on the market. It's easy to use, has a large screen, and with its 4G functionality, it's the most powerful phone out there. It's also got that cool tap-to-share feature, which allows you to share things with your friends with the tap of a phone. Here are the specs:

Android 4.1 OS (Jellybean)

1.4 GHz processor

4 Cores


8 megapixel camera

16GB Internal storage

2) Google Nexus 4 - This is one of the best phones out there. It is incredibly flexible, in that because it is branded by Google, you can run Google seamlessly on your phone, including Google Wallet's tap-to-pay functionality. It's got an incredibly fast 1.5 GHz processor, which allows for faster downloads and search times.

Android 4.2 OS

1.5 GHz processor

4 Cores


8 megapixel camera

8 GB Internal storage

3) Samsung Galaxy Note II - The world's biggest phone (currently) got a little bit bigger with the second model. The Note II touts a 5.5" screen, which dwarfs most screens out there. You've probably seen the LeBron James commercial where he rides around town using his Note. Anyway, I like it. But I like the phone more.

Android 4.1.1 OS

1.6 GHz processor

4 cores


8 megapixel camera

16 GB Internal storage

4) Apple iPhone 5 - I'm not a huge fan of the iPhone, but I can't deny its prowess in the mobile world. While many scoffed at the newest iPhone update, the iPhone 5, but there were subtle differences that make the iPhone 5 a great phone. First off, the iPhone is still the phone to beat. It's easy to use, it's fast, and it's become part of our culture.

iOS 6

1 GHz processor

2 cores


8 megapixel camera

16 GB Internal storage

5) Nokia Lumia 920 - I've never had the pleasure of using one of these Windows phones. I hear mixed reviews, but this phone still stands atop the small mountain that is the Windows phone. One of the cool features on the phone is its optical image stabilization functionality. This feature makes shooting videos or pictures in lowlight manageable. But, it does also create over-processesd daylight photos.

Windows Mobile 8

1.5 GHz processor

2 cores


8.7 megapixel camera

32 GB Internal storage

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