A liebster award, you ask?
Liebster –n. (German)
                English meaning: beloved, dearest, and sweetest.
I have been graciously nominated by, the academy, Shauna at MommaCandy, a fellow blogger.  This award is not your everyday honor, a very special gift, which is given to those which may not be as popular. A fellow friend helping out a friend, which then helps out another friend, a pay follow it forward type of nomination.
A less than 200 follower’s award, to accept the award you, the nominee, is to answer 11 questions about themselves, which proceeds to bestow the award to another blogger by asking 11 new questions to 11 more bloggers with less than 200 tag a-longs.
Now, onto my acceptance speech…
I am so happy that, after my previous posting, someone is acknowledging my writing effort. Thank you to the academy Shauna who bestowed this award, to my husband Weston and my kids who spend many days looking at the logo of my laptop , and to those who are willing to read and follow me as a co-worker in the blogging community.
Now allow me to answer my questions in acceptance to my award,
1. Why do you like where you live? I like it because I have no other choice…Seriously. My husband was transferred here right after we were married in 2009. I make the best of the area, by making friends and volunteering my time to local organizations.  
2. Favorite caffeinated beverage? Coffee…what other beverage is there? Then again an occasional Mountain Dew
3. Favorite adult beverage? A Piña Colada or a cheap sweet fruity wine.  
4. What did you want to be when you were little? I always dreamed of being an artist, a mom, and I consider myself currently being both.  
5. What is your favorite vacation to date? For now and for always be going to Las Vegas with my husband for our wedding-moon.
6.  What is your favorite television show? Just one… I would have to say BONES.
7. Favorite recipe? Parmesan Chicken, it is so good, and a type of comfort food.
8. County fair or amusement park? Amusement park, my sister works at Six Flags, and there are perks to that, and I don’t favor carnies.
9. Ocean or lake? Lake, I find something serine being surrounded by wilderness, Trees, birds, mountains, with a lake in the middle. I believe many ocean beaches, that I have been to, are more of a tourist attraction than a peaceful place.
10. What is your favorite thing to blog about? Me and my family…duh! Blogging about food and the occasional craft is fun as well.  
11. If your blog is about something specific (food/fashion/reviews/etc), what else would you blog about if you could start a second blog? With the right knowledge and experience, I would do a blog over blog designs, and offer my talent as a product or service.
The newest Liebster Award winners are:
To those nominated, please answer the following questions to accept your award:
1.       How did you go about choosing the name for your blog?
2.      What was your favorite game to play as a child?
3.      What is one thing in life you would like to do, but have not done yet?
4.      What is your signature dish, the one that others request you make?
5.      What is your personal theme song, the song that best describes you?
6.      At the buffet, what is the one food item you are most likely to skip over?
7.      When choosing to travel, are you most likely to journey by plane, train, or automobile?
8.     Do you have any phobias, what are they?
9.      What is your morning routine like?
10.  Super power you wish you had?
11.   You would not be caught dead where?
Now to link your award posting to my comments below, select 11 new questions and winners, and follow along. Congratulations and Happy blogging!  

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