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Welcome to my very first Blog. I am an uncommon music mom that swims in a whacky crossover world between children’s and adult music. With the release of my new album “Amy Liz Kid Hits,” I’ve taken the plunge and rebranded my children’s musical self as Amy Liz and maintained my singer/songwriter adult self as Amy Wigton. Since we are all now slaves to the internet and google, it made sense not to have “Gallop Little Horsey” followed by something adult related, like footage from a comedy show I did a while back. (There was a bad word in it, shhhhh, don’t tell the kids).

This dual name thing is all very new to me and I’m not sure if it’ll cause clarity or just more confusion for my poor wittle bwain. I’m secretly hoping that maybe Amy Liz can get away with things that Amy Wigton would never imagine doing and vice-versa. This way neither would be required to claim responsibility!

I really didn’t plan on adopting a new name. I’ve been performing music with kids for 9 years as “Miss Amy.” The preschoolers called me this and it just stuck, since every teacher’s name at a preschool starts with “Miss.” But just as I was getting ready to release my CD, this lady on the east coast came along and declared she is the real “Miss Amy” and has the trademark papers to prove it! Now why would someone come along and blow my perfect name conventions out of the water?! I considered the name “Miss Amy West” but it didn’t roll off the tongue so easily. More about HER in a later blog.

My blog will relate to women, musicians, songwriters, moms, parents, artists, entrepreneurs, free thinkers, dreamers and anyone who is creatively inclined or aspires to be. To those who keep their sense of play and wonder alive and enjoys being physically active and engaged in the world. And to those who like looking at things from a different angle or just some simple entertainment and a laugh to go along with that morning cup of joe.

I wish to offer insights into the off-beat process of being a musical “mompreneur.” I’ll provide some snippets into “thinking outside of the box” and some good tips on navigating the music world in the genres that I travel. I’ll share my creative process, my art, ideas, inventions, inspirations, perspectives, experiences, successes, failures and I won’t blog about any fits of rage. Unless they are very, very funny.

I’m pretty unconventional and other moms sometimes don’t know what to make of me. For instance, I love to climb trees to the top to catch a good sunset. It’s just weird to me that no one else does this. If you do, please join me — my redwood offers the greatest views!

As a songwriter, musician, performer, teacher, manager, publisher, actress, producer, engineer, circus clown, street musician, comedian, mother and wife, I’ll share some interesting stories of what it’s like doing what I do. I’ll introduce you to some of the colorful people I’ve met along the way who have also made their way into my songs. And of course the great stories about the amazing kids, whose honesty, fresh insights and funny nature I’ve captured in my journal throughout the years.

Being a musician in both genres blends the best of both worlds. I can bring my musicianship to children’s songs and more play to my adult. It’s been great for my heart and it really indulges my sense of humor. So here it is, my blog and I’m ready to declare to all that “yes, this chic guitar player IS wearing shark socks!”

I love my shark socks!

I love my shark socks!

Photo by Stephanie Jackson

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