The high chairs are mainly used to seat the little grownup babies or the toddlers, while they are fed by their parents or any other adult person of the family. The height of these chairs help people to feed their babies more comfortably, while they are standing next to their kids seated on these chairs. There are varieties of these best baby high chairs in the online stores and the local markets, among which only a few best types are listed below.

Most popular varieties of with the best qualities

  • Cosco Baby High Chair is a great favorite among the parents of little kids, as this chair is very lightweight and can be folded easily for carrying in the car. This chair is made of such a material that can be wiped off only with water or a damp cloth for regular cleaning. The babies also love to sit on these chairs due to the different kinds of funny designs and the comfort to sit there.
  • Boon Flair Pedestal Baby High Chair is the most widely acclaimed one, due to its unique design that makes it look like a mini saloon chair, with a broad pedestal base. As the height of this chair can be adjusted according to the convenience of the parents, it can be easily stored below the dining table as well. This seat is provided with 5 point harness and 6 urethane casters, along with a safety post, to keep the babies tied safely to their seats, while fed by their parents.
  • Graco Blossom Convertible Baby High Chair is a unique 4 in 1 seating arrangement that can be adjusted according to the changes in body height of the child, as he/she grows up with age. The parents can make two babies sit comfortably in this chair, while the tray attached in front of it can be removed easily for cleaning. Thus, the baby can use this chair for many years, till he/she grows up to the adolescence.
  • Ciao Portable Baby High Chair brings great relief for the parents who need to travel a lot with their babies. This lightweight chair weighs only 8 lbs and it can be simply carried in a bag, by folding it to a compact size. Moreover, this chair can be used by the babies from 3 months old up to at least till they are 3 years of age. The parents can fasten their child with a soft tap belt in this chair and there is also a cup holder.
  • Graco Tablefit Baby High Chair can be adjusted to eight different heights and can even fit to the height of any dining table, so that the babies can sit and be fed with their parents during the dinner time. This chair is very lightweight and the toddlers till the age of 3 years can use it, provided they are below 40 lbs in body weight. This chair is easily detachable and can be washed simply in washing machine. It is also very durable and needs no special maintenance.
  • Evenflo Convertible Baby High Chair can be turned into a real high chair for a baby, as it has three distinct levels that can be used by the baby, according to his/her activities. As the chair is available in a variety of bright colors, the kids love to play and eat while sitting comfortably in it.
  • Summer Infant Deluxe Folding Baby High Chair is mainly preferred by the parents for its amazingly cheap price and the comfort provided in its two distinguished levels of different heights, in which the chair can be adjusted according to the comfort of the parents. The tray attached in front of this chair can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. The child can be made secure with a soft strap tying to the chair and all three colors of this chair, namely pink, gray and tan are loved by the kids.

The parents need to choose the best baby high chair according to the habits and the age of the baby, so that both the baby and his/her parents have enjoyable dining experience. For more information please visit best baby high chairs