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Spicy Falafel & Salad

Spicy falafels make a nice meat free addition to a summery salad, are great stuffed into pitta breads with shredded carrots and cabbage and drizzled in a yogurt dressing or just as a snack served with a spicy chilli jam dip or BBQ sauce.

For the full recipe and…


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Deliciously quick Oreo milkshakes

To make the best Oreo milkshake you just need four ingredients! Oreo milkshakes make a great summer day treat or any day for that matter. So creamy, so delicious.

You’ll need a blender, packet of Oreo biscuits, good vanilla ice cream, I use Kelly’s Cornish clotted cream ice cream as it just tastes…


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Super quick Greek chicken salad ready in minutes

Super quick Greek chicken salad is a tasty healthy meal ideal for busy weeknights. This is a traditional Greek style salad but with added chicken and it tastes just great!

Take a large bowl and toss in lots of lovely fresh ingredients like salad leaves, onions, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber…


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Natural ways to keep spiders out of the house!

It’s that time of year. They’re here. THEY ARE HERE!

Spiders that is. Yes. It’s spider season. Now I know spiders are good, they eat pests, I get that. But if like me you’d rather they didn’t come inside the house, here’s a few natural spider deterrents - …


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Happy Mosaic Rainbow Art

Mosaic pictures are a really simple and lovely art activity for children. For younger children it’s an opportunity to learn about the rainbow and colours as well as being creative and having fun! Mosaic Rainbows fit nicely into weather topics and make a great follow on…


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How to make Veg Box Curry

Make the most of your veg box by squeezing every last meal out of it. Sometimes that might mean eating odd combinations or ones you’d not thought of putting together. Live a little, experiment! One of the easiest meals to make is a veg box curry. This recipe is a little bit like pick &…


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Mini Calzones - great for kids lunch boxes

These are a fab way to use up leftovers - you can stuff them with bolognese, chilli, ham and pepperoni - just yum! 

For how to make them head over toDaisies &…


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My Easy Housework Routine

If you want to live in a clean and organised house then there’s only one thing for it.... clean it and organise it! A good housework routine may take up some of your time each day to complete but for me personally it means I always feel like I’m on top of things and it saves me time in the long run. 

I like to know where things are and having a young children I do need things to be clean, tidy and organised so that our lives don’t end up chaotic. I try to be…


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Packed Lunch/Lunchbox Linky

There's a packed lunch linky over on Daisies & Pie on a Friday - come link up your posts - all welcome

- recipes sweet or savoury

- menu plans

- ideas

- bento 

- photos

read more here

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Amazing Skinny Meatballs with Tomato Tagliatelle

Skinny meatballs and sweet tomato sauce with wholemeal tagliatelle make a really nice healthy family meal. I’ve cut back on the fat by using lean mince beef, adding wholemeal breadcrumbs and baking them in the oven. The tomato sauce is sweetened using Balsamic vinegar and fat free and they are served with wholemeal tagliatelle and a huge italian style root vegetable salad.

For the full instructions head over to …


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A little retro baking activity for the kids

When I was little I always joined in baking day with my grandma - and making little jam tarts was always a huge part of that. 

Head over to Daisies & Pie to find out how we make leftover pastry dough…


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Family Meal Plan with French Style Eating Rules

This week's meal plan is delicious - focussing on simple meals with a nod to the style of eating the French enjoy! Oh. and yes there's cake :) 

to read more head over to …


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Magic Puffy Paint Clouds

We've been experimenting with homemade puffy paint - the microwave variety! For full instructions on how to make these fab puffy paint clouds - head over to the Daisies &…

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Love your Leftovers Lunchbox Beef Noodle Soup

This recipe was created as part of the Sainsbury’s Love your Leftovers challenge, we’ve combined it with our weekly packed lunch link-up. Sainsbury’s challenged me to cook a roast dinner of my choice and creatively use up the leftovers. We chose to make roast beef dinner, mainly because of…


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Gorgeous Slow Cooker Chicken Noodles - Really Easy

Another economical and easy family meal - perfect for January cooking when it’s nice to have things easy, good value and organised... I use a slow cooker that has a pan you can use on the hob to get things started so there is no transferring food from a pan to…


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Retro Paper Snowflakes

Cute Christmas craft for kids

For full instructions head over to Daisies &…


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Garlic & Chilli Prawn Ciabatta Toast - Oh Yum!

Such a quick and easy midweek meal - ideal for busy days. 

Absolutely delicious - spicy, zesty, garlic prawns on crispy toasted ciabatta and ready in under 15 minutes. Easy midweek meal.

Serves: 2

Prep: 5 minutes

Cook: around 5-10…


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Family Meal Plan - this week is all about using things up!

It’s the use everything up week - ready for heading into Christmas and a world of cheese boards, cocktail sausages & mince pies! 

Breakfast will be a choice of cereal, pancakes, bagels or fruit & yogurt - for fab breakfast ideas see our…


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Winter Salad with Oranges & Pomegranate

Serves: 4 as a side dish - 2 as a main course

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: no cook

What you need:

  • packet of salad leaves - I like to use Fresh & Naked Seasonal leaves - contains wild rocket, bulls blood and…

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Pre School Science - Magnets - Inspiring brand new scientists

Pre-school is the best time to introduce your child to science. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just the introduction of scientific concepts is enough to inspire little imaginations and develop interest. Start small, plant the seeds and watch them grow. Create a little…


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Arguments in the Mom Space

What happens when you see an online spat? Do you.. 

  • click away
  • read it 
  • try to stop it
  • or fan the flames 

How do you deal with seeing online mom spats?

Plus take a look at our Daily Question conversations!

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