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When the Morning Routine Leaves you in Tears

I walked back from the bus stop dragging two scooters and a bicycle feeling them well up inside me. The frustration and angst that I struggled to hold down were pressuring the tears to release themselves. As I walked, fallen leaves scattering under my feet as if in fear, I listened to the roll of the plastic scooter wheels on the concrete. I would not let them out. I was a mother, after all, and we all have days that make us…


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Mother Daughter Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

Putting together the perfect mother daughter date night on Valentine's Day is a ton of fun. You can go in so many directions and really make it a special memory. Spending that type of quality time with your daughter on a day like Valentine's Day makes it even more special. Here are five really fun ideas to try out the next time you spend a mother daughter date night together on Valentine's Day:…


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When My Daughter Hates Me – Tips From A Single Mom

When my daughter hates me, a part of me feels like it is dying. Hate is a particularly strong word coming from anyone, but coming from your child it stings even more. As a single mom it can be particularly tough dealing with these types of situations. Kids can hate you for a number of different reasons, but most of them boil down to the fact that you are asking (or telling) them not to do something they clearly want to do. Hating us appears to be the kid's way of getting back. There are a…


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Five Life Skills You Should Teach Your Kids Early

Life skills are those things that we simply can't do without in our adult lives. They are the skills that we build from as our foundation and without them, our happiness in life is much more evasive. Life skills are often overlooked as well. Parents get so wrapped up in right and wrong that they can easily overlook some important skills. I know that some of these life skills are tough to deliver along with all the other things I do as a mother. This is why it is so important to put a premium on… Continue

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Judging Me as a Mom Does Not Make You Right

I was not going to write about this but the more time I spend thinking about it, the more I have to get it off my chest. Because sometimes, you just have to speak up. I have to say, Judging Me as a Mom Does Not Make You Right!

Last night I put a status on my Facebook page about the toys my kids had taken away for spending over 2 hours rejecting my request that they lay their…


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Teaching My Children Justice in an Un-Just World #ICantBreathe

Another jury has decided that a police officer is not legally responsible for the death of a man. Eric Garner was put in a choke hold in July on Staten Island after an altercation with police that started with cigarettes. He was taken to the ground by multiple men, put in a choke hold for no apparent reason and later died of his injuries. He also had asthma and was overweight and they are asking us to believe that was more the cause of death than a banned choke hold that restricted air from…


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I Am Not As Strong As You Think I Am

It is possible that I am typing this post with tears in my eyes. Frustrated, tired, at the end of my rope tears. Not because anything in particular is wrong. Not because I have any real complaints in life. But because I get up everyday thinking I can do it, I can handle it and I can succeed at everything my life entails. But I go to bed every night feeling like I did not do enough, I did not accomplish enough and that I need 15 more hours in the day just to make a dent. I feel like I let…


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'No One Can Do It Better Than I Can': The Motherhood Curse

No one can take care of my children better than I can. No they can't. No they can't! NO THEY CAN'T!

motherhood curse

OK, yes they can but I will not admit it, concede to it or acknowledge it no matter how rational your argument is! OK Fiiinnnneeeeeee..... I admit it.…


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I Want to Microchip My Kids

I don't want to lose my kids.

Not even for a day. Not for a moment, a minute, a second. Not at all.

But as I hear of case after case of children going missing, being taken by strangers, people the family knows, non-custodial parents, getting lost in game machines...  yes, that happened - I get more and more concerned about how to protect…


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I am Not His Ex-Wife, I am Their Mother

I realize that this post might ruffle a few feathers. I realize that I am speaking from my own experience. And I realize that my ex-husband will read this and unleash yet another round of hatred and immaturity on me. I also realize that all family units are not the same. Not all mothers are on the 'best' list and that men are screwed over by woman in the name of the children almost daily. I do live in the real world. But, some of us are doing everything we are supposed to do and still being…


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A Prayer for my Motherhood

One day I will be sitting across from one of my daughters, big eyes staring, hopeful, silently pleading, and she will be asking me to trust her. She will want to go out with a boy I don't like, attend a party that scares me, go to a concert of a band I think is rediculous. She will be asking for me to let her go. To let her grow up. To let her make the same mistakes I did.

I won't want to. …


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All They Wanted Was Me

My kids take me through a myriad of emotions almost daily. From laughter to frustration to heart warming love to just plain 'How the heck am I ever going to get through this day?" But every moment is awesome. Even when I am on the verge of crawling into a lions den. Wearing BBQ sauce.…

all they wanted was me


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I Don't Want to Die

I sure hope this does not turn out to be one of those ironic pieces on the news where a mom drops dead and her words come back to bite her. You know the ones I am talking about. 'Body found, she seemed to predict it'. The truth is, I don't want to die. Like.. ever. But since that is not plausible then we will go with, I don't want to die until my kids are adults.


I have never had a fear of actually dying and I still don't. However…


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Little Smiles Make Our World Go 'Round

Little Smiles from my children make my heart fill with warmth; and I realize those little things matter when parenting.  It is not always easy to remember our smallest of gestures can make a child beam with delight.  So, what are those little things that make our kiddos so happy?

Surprising Katie at school to have lunch with her.  Wow! Simply sweetness for the Momma's…


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Raising Daughters: Teaching Kids to Support Each Other

Last year, two of my three daughters were the cutest cheerleaders you have ever seen! My youngest was too little for a squad back then. With the divorce, I had to curb cheerleading but have managed to get them back into tumbling at the same gym. I am hoping, God willing, that I can put them all back on the squad next year. Because I am raising daughters, I want them to be able to do something they love and are proud of that builds self esteem.…


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Motherhood Nation: Stuff's Just Funny Y'all

Come join the revolution of support and truth in motherhood!  Submit your Guest Post Ideas to my Contact Me Form!

Things can get heavy really quickly in motherhood. Really heavy. The pressure of having to get everything done along with dealing with little personalities that are changing every day can get overwhelming in no time.…


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Raising a Daughter: What if Your Daughter Were Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has certainly stirred up some serious controversy lately. She gyrated at the VMA's and took a lot more slack than her counter part, Robin Thicke, and has a new video 'Wrecking Ball' out that is shocking the moral code of America - again. As a mom raising a daughter -actually, three - I should be offended, outraged and speaking loudly about how inappropriate this young woman is and that I don't… Continue

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Raising Strong Confident Daughters: Giving it Back to Them

When my girls were born, there was nothing in this world that I could imagine would ever make me angry with them. The euphoria of watching this little thing that grew inside of me, something that was truly a part of me, something that only I knew from the very beginning of her formation, bonded me to them like I could have never imagined. But raising strong confident daughters concerns me now. In order to do that, I think, I have to start giving it back to them. The same patience, calmness…


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Motherhood Nation: Admitting We Are Lonely

Come join the revolution of support and truth in motherhood!  Submit your Guest Post Ideas to my Contact Me Form!

Being a mom can be a challenge that is draining in it's own right. The schedule of handling kids, the house, the finances, the shopping, and life in general can be exhausting. Not…


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Raising Future Wives

I was a wife once, a good wife. At least until it all started to fall apart. But it dawned on me the other day that, with three daughters, I am now raising future wives.

When I was an engaged wife, dinner was on the table, the babies-  one after another - were taken care of, the house was clean and laundry was done. I managed the money, the household and anything else I needed to to make sure my ex - husband did not have any responsibility except bringing home the paycheck.  My ex -…


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