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Children Electric Shock Injuries – What Should You Know?

Getting into direct contact with an electricity source is something that can be deadly for the human body. Based on current voltage and the duration of the contact, a shock can easily lead towards huge problems ranging from a minor discomfort to really serious injuries and death.

The young children, especially the toddlers, will be faced with the most damaging effects. In many cases this takes place because the child will bite electrical cords or will poke some metal objects in…


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Important Tips To Help You Cope With A Birth Injury Case

When you are expecting a child the world is more beautiful. That is quite normal. When a birth injury appears, the entire world seems to be crumbling down. The huge problem in many cases is that there is a clear lack of information that appears. We are ready to deal with growing the child but when birth injuries take place, more problems appear. The entire life needs to be changed and the best interest of the child is always the priority.

There are so many different things that can be…


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$25 July Giveaway

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Health Sector Needs Workers – Reasons Developed Countries Looking for Nurses and Doctors

Nursing was thought of as a low-scale profession. Today, you can find nurses earning as good as their counterparts and even doctors, depending on their skills and experience. It is very important that educate yourself on the right educational qualifications and experience which you require. Becoming a registered nursing professional is a very good decision which you can do for your career.…


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Bedtime for Batman Book Trailer

When the sun sets, a young boy prepares for his greatest adventure… bedtime! Follow along as he dons a high-tech uniform (his pajamas), cleans up Gotham City (his bedroom), and scales a towering skyscraper (his bunk bed). Find out more at…


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Five Lessons Society is Teaching me as a mother...

Five Lessons Society is Teaching me as a mother...

Ladies the link above is to my newest blog post. Please read and comment. Please share this post with other mothers out there. Thank you!

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Don't Compare Your Insides to Someone Else's Outside

“Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outside.” I first heard this quote years ago, well before the rise of social media. Now, more than ever, it speaks volumes to me.

As far back as middle school, and possibly even elementary school, I remember girls comparing themselves to one another. It didn’t stop there. Girls judged: on looks, on clothes, on choices of friends, on anything and everything. It’s so much a part of…


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The Future I'm Trying To Change

Picture this..

It’s the weekend, you’re out with your beautiful kids. Maybe you’re visiting a café or having lunch in a restaurant, watching a movie at the local cinema, maybe you’re doing some shopping… you get the…


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Target White Wine Taste Test |Hobbs & Hayworth on MomCave (Caution: Not Safe for Kids or Work)

Are you the kind of mom who buys both her clothing and her wine from Target? Can you tell a Sofia from a Fancy Pants?  Hobbs & Hayworth are back with a TARGET white wine taste test. The comedic duo selected three of “Tar-jay’s” finest vintages to sample. It’s possible they may have just chosen them by the looks of their pretty bottles. See how Harmony and Audrey did at identifying the different types…


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Grill Your Way Lean

To avoid overeating at summer barbecues, stick to your go-to healthier options like grilled vegetables, grilled chicken and salads. Or you can fire up your own grill and bring healthier options everyone will enjoy, including…


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Chat, Have Fun and Enjoy a Blast With Blendr

It is not always good for you to enroll your name for any adult social networking site. Sometimes, you might be willing to make plain and simple friendship, followed by some casual dating! Well, if you have anything like this in mind, then try to join hands with Blendr, your ultimate guide for the day! If you want to meet new people, chat with them, enjoy some casual flirting and even date for some serious…


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To Read or Not to Read, Not Even a Question

There will always be more books on my reading list than time for me to get through them. But that will never stop me from trying. You know that person who always has their nose in a book/Kindle? That's me. Well, at least most of the time, when I'm not checking off my "To Do" list, and raising good boys. Okay, let me rephrase: I'd LIKE to be that person who always has their nose in a book/Kindle. Meanwhile, here's three books I have read recently I'd like to pass on to YOUR reading lists.…


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7 ways of getting entertainment in life.

As it is said, all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. By the term play, it does not necessarily mean playing sports and games, it involves getting some form of entertainment that would help you to relax your mind. According to the studies, some of the most successful men always have some time set aside for their own entertainment. As a matter of fact, there are many companies that give the employees entertainment…


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Top Four Florida Beach Destinations This Summer

Florida has some of the best beaches in the world, and for families there are few places better to kick back mid-summer than beaches.  So in the spirit of the first week of summer, we put together a few of our favorites for families to consider: 

  1. St. Augustine, FL: Rent a beachfront house for less in St. Augustine.  A closer drive to the “mainland” than some of the other cities, St. Augustine is just below Jacksonville.  We found rentals from $4,500/week on…

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When you leave the room, turn off the light

When I was a Girl Scout, we were taught about recycling and saving water. Full of my righteous knowledge of how to save the earth, I would nag family members at home if they left lights on or faucets running too long.

Here we are, 30 years later, and life hasn't changed. …


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Fun In The Sun

In the constant flow of rain that is British summer time, it was nice to finally see some sun yesterday. I haven't been feeling too great with my Thyroid lately, so Mike took the day off to help look after Bobby and we thought that a little walk around Heaton Park would do us all good. As usual the park was beautiful and it was the perfect day for a little park…

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Just a few thoughts of a Mother

When I was a child, I never understood why my Mother always wanted to know where I am, where I was going, when will I return home,etc. I remember she always told me, she would take all the pain in the World if she could, so I wouldn't have to feel hurt, sickness, sadness.. I never really understood that concern of hers, that constant fear and protection, She would tell me:" Just wait till you have your own kids, you will understand it and you will be the same. it's how Mothers…


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Yaakov The Pirate Hunter

If your boys are looking for a great adventure with pirates look no further.

Title: Yaakov The Pirate Hunter

Author:  Nathaniel Wyckoff

Publisher:  Nathaniel…


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"Why Is This Sticky Again?" Five Phrases I Never Said Before Motherhood

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

I am a huge advocate of the philosophy that…


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Amazing Gardens You Must Visit

Having a garden is a lot of work. You need to maintain the territory clean of weeds, to water every plant absolutely every day, preferably in the evening, to nourish each plant with the proper fertilizer, and perform many other not so pleasant actions. Every garden requires lots of attention and you can't expect to just have a very nice garden, if you don't have the free time to maintain it. So, people who work a lot and never spend time at home can…


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Save Money on Event Planning

Whether we like it or not, we will all at one point have to wear the event planning cap. Why is that? Because we are human, and along with our humanity come life celebrations: baby showers, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, funerals, and the list goes on and on. I'm sure that I don't…

Spa Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

After a busy week, when you wish to just relax and unwind in a peaceful setting, your best option is a spa treatment. Spas are a common weekend plan and there are an overwhelming number of options you can choose from. There are facilities directed towards providing beauty treatments, those that offer medical…




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