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PENELOPE'S GARDEN Coloring Book for You and the KIDS

PENELOPE'S GARDEN is available NOW! Perfect not-too-

scary coloring fun for you AND the kids. 

CLICK HERE to buy now before price increase.…


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A mother's story about infant loss

Yesterday embarked a very sad day. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day and a candle is lit to raise awareness. This is a true story about my miscarriage; my infant loss. I was 19 years old the first time I became pregnant. My…


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How To Choose The Very Best Nursing Home

There comes a moment in life when you need to start thinking about choosing a nursing home. If your spouse, father or mother is not safe and you cannot offer proper care, a nursing home is naturally the best solution. The problem is that there are numerous options available. Some are way better than others. You want to focus on some great options, not like with the sad state Louisiana nursing homes. If you want to…


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Can We Save The Great Barrier Reef?

Image taken from WWF (link below)
The internet is in an uproar - the Great Barrier Reef is dead. The reef "... passed away in 2016 after a long illness. It was 25 million years old." On 11th October 2016, Rowan Jacobsen posted an obituary to the reef on Outside…

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It's OK to give up on the peas

It's dinnertime, and I am preparing two meals. I find that I do this frequently enough that I question my sanity, but not often enough that I stop doing it. I would like to prepare just one meal - one that my whole family enjoys, but that doesn't happen every day of the week, so two meals it is.…


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The importance of purchasing a baby monitor

When a new child is born, pleasure and joy is brought to all the family members. In fact, you would get a wonderful feeling when your little one touches your hands. However, little babies require special attention and care. Therefore, you will find it as a hard task to take care of your little one. You will not be able to take off your eyes form the little one, even for few minutes. If you find it as a difficult task to…


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The Countdown of the Longest Week Begins....

Today, I send my first-born off on a week long academic & spiritual retreat with his fellow 8th Grade graduating class, their teacher, and chaperones. He will be about 6 hours away driving distance, and about an hour away plane distance. He'll be off the grid--no communication via phone--for almost 6 whole days. What seemed like an abstract concept ("oh yeah, he's going on a retreat in the 8th Grade") is now my reality. Make no mistake about it, this is going to be the longest week of my…


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Book Review: ‘The Stranger’ by Anna del Mar

The Stranger
 is the second book in Anna del Mar’s Wounded Warrior series. However, each book is standalone with new, different characters.
Having read the first book, The…

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10 Awesome Gifts for 1-Year-Olds

Need ideas for gifts for a 1-year-old?

Check out this list of gifts my second son received and loves!

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Miscommunication in Marriage

Miscommunication in marriage is common, and here are some solutions for you to try.

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About Mark Spencer's Book

Describe your book to the readers. Here are some questions for you:


Theme of your book or description


This is a holiday book about the very first Christmas Eve in the stable before Joseph & Mary arrived.




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How I Doubled My Milk Production in 48 Hours

After a few nights out on the town and a baby sitter feeding our sweet girl stored up breast milk, my stash was running low. I needed to re-stock stat, but when I tried to get back into my pumping routine, I quickly noticed things were not producing the way they used to. I was only getting 1-2 ounces at times. I can't say I was shocked, but I was definitely bummed . I knew that breast milk was a supply and demand market and I had definitely decreased the demand lately.  So I started doing…


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What in the world is a "crunchy mom"?

A what? Crunchy mom? Like she cooks a lot of crunchy food? When I first heard the term, that's exactly what went through my head. The friend who used the term had 5 kids and I am still new to this mom thing, so I didn't want to ask and risk showing my newcomer card, so I googled it. The next 15 minutes ere consumed with a mixture of laughter from what I read and moments of complete awe that clothe diapers were a thing. Gross. Here's what I learned from my professional research:



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Getting rid of the term "tomboy"

My Mother put me in a dress almost every single day. (And looking back over family photos, a large number of them were plaid...) My room was done in a very flowery Laura Ashley pattern (wait - weren't all Laura Ashley patterns flowery?) and my favorite color was pink. I had lots of My Little Ponies and baby dolls and Barbies. I was sometimes referred to as a girlie-girl.…


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Happy Autumn! Why I Love This Time Of Year

Autumn is such a beautiful season and it is not a surprise that for many people, it is their favourite season. I am definitely one of those people. Having said that, it isn't just Autumn I like, but this time of year as a whole. For me, it starts with the Autumn Equinox celebrations and goes from there. It's true that one of my favourite things about it is the change in…

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Mark Spencer's Writing Life

I have no writing life lol, it hits me when I least expect it and usually in waves, so when it…


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A Mother's Guide to Shed Pregnancy Weight

Three-fourths of mothers struggle to shed the pregnancy weight one year after childbirth. This is the result of a research conducted at the University of Chicago. The study looked at 774 women over one year period, interviewing them at one, six and 12 months after giving birth. 47% of these women were 10 pounds heavier than they were before pregnancy, while 24% retained more than 20 pounds of pregnancy weight.…


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To Mastectomy or Not To Mastectomy

"I think this first surgery has changed my life forever. Never again will I look at my body the same. Never again will I take for granted this body I have and the life it allows me to live..." {more over on the blog --> …


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The Venture Series Is On SALE!!! And FREE On Kindle Unlimited!!!

The Venture Series is on SALE!

4 Sexy Heroes, 4 Spicy Stories, all for Less than $4!

99c each & also Available in Kindle Unlimited!




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We all are suffering from back pain

On the days I do not run, I have back pain. On the days I do run, I sometimes have back pain, but it seems like it is not as bad. My sweet husband helps rub my sore muscles for me, just as I rub his back when he needs it. He generally has tension in his lower back; mine is at the top.…


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Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell you that now she’s expecting what once smelled delicious  - like roasting coffee beans for example, has suddenly become the one smell that induces an overwhelming feeling of nausea. For some women the pregnant nose goes into smell overdrive…

Black Friday – it’s Not Just About Fashion

Fashion, eh? It comes and goes, then comes back around again, at once fleeting and eternal. A style is in one month and then is never heard of again – until it is heard of again, of course.

The quest for fashionable clothes never ends; it’s just that what is in vogue is always changing.…


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