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Potty Training Nightmares

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Back to School: The Revolution of Education

Digital technology is not only changing the way we live and work, but also the way we learn. In the past several decades the educational realm has slowly been transformed by technological innovations.

Before, the classroom served as their stomping grounds—where students learned from teachers, facts were found in…


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Blogging Better: Why to take on guest posters and how to do it best

You hear me (see me?) writing fairly regularly about why guest blogging for other sites can have such a big impact on your own blog. Let me tell you some truth about this: I’ve always been open to guest blogging for other sites. But I’ve never been super into taking on guest bloggers for my own site, at least until recently. I think that it was just a “I don’t have time to deal with it” excuse that kept me from dipping my toes in the guest blogging waters. But now that I’m here, I’m…


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When the Drum Major Died by Anjuelle Floyd

A fascinating story.

When I started reading this book, the first thoughts which came into my mind were that, it’s amazing how ignorant one can be, about events which happened in your own…


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Don't Demote Yourself as a Parent

Happy Hump Day Mama’s! We all know how hard it can be to be consistent in our parenting. Whether you are parenting 1 child or 4 children sometimes you get tired. Let’s face it we all have busy lives, working, furthering our education, picking kids up, dropping kids off, cooking, cleaning, going to church,…


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When families collide

I've got family on my mind.

I live close to my Mother (you're welcome, Mom). But most of my extended family lives in an area of the country that requires a 9-hour car drive. (And, if you have ever been in the car for nine hours with a…


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Shop and Buy Perfect Jewelry Online

Jewellery forms an important part of ladies make-up which makes them look more beautiful and elegant. You can see many designer jewellery offers and discounts, daily in internet or in any shop you are crossing by. It is an essential part because it adds to the glory and appealing personality. Get quick cash loans to buy these…


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And the World Sighed and Hurt a Little More

Yesterday when news of Robin Williams' death popped up in my feed I felt an incredible emptiness in my core. Despite the fact that I usually hold this kind of sadness for those closest to me, those I knew in real life, there's a deep anguish that feels like a web of energy amplified by the mere existance of 'movies' and 'internet,' of places like 'facebook' where each of my friends and acquiantences is sharing the moment to acknowledge the loss and power of one amazing individual. One person…


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Letter to Alexander

In my personal blog about my son,, I post about the loss of my baby boy, who was born from a spontaneous birth at 27 weeks and passed away less than 2 hours later. I post on my life then and now, posts to help others, rants, my anger, my happiness, and more. I decided to share a letter I attempted to write to him if there was ever a way he could read it...

You were mine. For some time now, I was trying to work up enough strength to write a letter to…


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Weird Homeschoolers

When folks see me out and about, with the five Minions in tow, they aren’t horribly surprised to discover I’m also ‘one of those weird homeschool people’.

I’ve been known to correct them. Yeah, I’m weird, but that existed long before our decision to homeschool.

I’d started considering homeschooling when my son, now nine, was a toddler. I knew, that unless aliens came down and fried his brain, he was the kind of kid teachers get medicated over.

Or, I’d be getting letters…


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Who is smarter in your marriage?

My husband and I have different educational backgrounds. I really enjoyed all my years of school, made excellent grades and went off to complete college in less than four years. My husband's experience was different as he doesn't have many fond memories of classes.…


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Bajaj Pulsar 200 – The Sporty One for Moms

Pulsar has been the harbinger of change in the Indian motorcycling scenario. It introduced many firsts and standardised a lot of things. Since its introduction, brand Pulsar has been the centre of evolution, and over the years Bajaj has introduced a lot of models. In this process, they have introduced a lot of features like digital console, alloy wheels and so on.

The Pulsar 200 has really pushed the envelope. The CV 1000R inspired head lights look stunning and the new perimeter steel…


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Instant Cash loans:Financial help to fulfil your wishes

Everyone deserves something very enjoyable in their life. The work culture and family responsibilities have really made us learn to compromise and block our plans like vacation, outings, road trips and we miss the enjoyment which can be memorable for the life. Long grocery and power bills, education and insurance expenses and many more responsibilities has made us to learn how to compromise with the life. No more now.…


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Life After Child Loss: Paulina’s Story

To read more from the Life After Child Loss series, click here.

Hello everyone! I am very happy to be a guest here at The Mommyhood Project, thank you Cortney for having me.

My name is Paulina. I’ve been married to my husband Bruce for 5 years during which we’ve experienced VERY high highs, VERY low lows and everything in between. I am happy to say that what we’ve gone through has only…


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Parents: Stop calling your kids

I would like to issue an overdue apology to my five roommates in college: I'm sorry I wouldn't answer the phone. Back in the pre-cell phone days (you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth), a call would come into the dorm room phone, and I wouldn't move to answer it.…


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It's only the mom who can teach their children the value of money. Making them read books which is based on importance and concept of money can be an effective step taken for the children to learn th…

It's only the mom who can teach their children the value of money. Making them read books which is based on importance and concept of money can be an effective step taken for the children to learn the value of money. There are few books which teaches what the money is and how it is to be respected. 


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Baby loss, three months later.

This weekend marked three months since we lost our sweet baby girl. Three months that flew by in an instant, yet left me feeling about thirty years older. It’s like that old saying – the days pass slowly but the weeks go by so quickly.

Knowing that a week from Tuesday, she was supposed to be born. That’s when her c-section was scheduled for, you know. Tuesday August 19 at 9:30 AM. It’s the day that’s staring me in the face right now. Part of me feels like getting over that hump is…


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Going Commando and Embracing the BRAT

These are two things I experienced with my 15-month-old son this week.

I now consider myself lucky because in all of his 15 months, he’s only

had one mild diaper rash. Last weekend, I noticed a little pink on the

inner part of his tushy. I thought to myself,…


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