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Preparing for Delivery: Do You Really Need Those Childbirth Classes?

The first thing Rick asked me when we found out we were pregnant with Addison was, “We don’t have to take those stupid classes again, right?”

I can’t help but laugh thinking back to our experience with Ricky’s pregnancy. I was adamant, from day one, that we needed to go through the classes. And in some ways, they were definitely helpful. But coming into parenthood with the experience that I’ve had – and being very logical people – they weren’t overly…informative.



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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Bonus

Dear Juliana,
You're engaged!  Congratulations!
I know.  You are getting married.  Crazy, right?  Well don't freak out.  You are doing the right thing and Joely is the right person.

First piece of advice, do not budge on the September date.  Over three years later you still wish you would have had a…

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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Day Seven

Ahhh, a typical date night.
Ready to be bored?
Netflix, a couch, and a recliner.
That is a typical date night…

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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Day Six

I asked my mom what her first impression of Joel was and her response was, "This one is much better than the last ones!"
Yes she said "oneS".  If that doesn't tell you my taste in men I'm not sure what will.…

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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Day Five

I am excited about this post because music is our thing.  Joel and I have a song for everything.
Since he was sitting right here I asked him what song he first dedicated to me.…

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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Day Four

This might sound bad but the moment I realized Joel was "the one" was the night of our wedding rehearsal.
Let me explain.
Growing up, I dreamed of someday finding "the…

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Envelope System

If you need help sticking to your budget the Envelope System works wonders. I first heard of the envelope sytem at my local church, then also after attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  It is a proven statistic that people spend more money when paying with credit cards and debit cards verses paying with cash. When you are paying with cash you are more likely to think about what you are purchasing. 
How does it work?
You create…

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Images & Your Blog

What is the first thing that draws you to read an article or blog? Our attention is often initially captured by an image. In our digital age, social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have driven the trend toward image-centric content. Images can bridge the gap between words and feelings, enhance posts,…


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Toddler's Lunch: Organic Pasta With Broccoli Pesto Sauce


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how to take 4 Kids to Europe and Love it

I love to travel and being a filmmaker has given me all kinds or reasons to go many places. But as my family grew I got tired of long hours in airplane seats and nights alone in hotel rooms. Then, a few years ago I had a flash of inspiration (some might say insanity, but I’m sticking with inspiration). I decided to parlay a  project in Germany into a summer adventure for my family of six.

It turned out to be a memorable vacation and taught me a very important lesson: Big…


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11 Maternity Wardrobe Basics Made in the USA

CONGRATULATIONS!  Expecting a new baby envelopes a new Mama and Papa with so many emotions.  Once the elation of an ever-changing life settles, the preparation begins and so does the unsettling feeling in Mama's mid-section.  To help ease some of the adventure into the world of pregnancy brain, here is a list of some basic maternity wardrobe must-haves, all made in the USA.

1.  Wrap…


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Yahoo ~Secound Act Feature

So blessed to be featured in Yahoo~ Second Act Series!!  With Diabetes month right around the corner I am hoping to spread some inspiration and get people excited to make some healthy changes.  With the holidays right around the corner now is the time.  It takes 21 days to make a new habit to "…


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13 Weeks Pregnant: I’ve Got a Baby Belly

Today I had lunch with a few friends after bible study. To clarify, I didn’t make it to bible study because my 2 year old decided that 5 AM is a completely appropriate time to start our day. And then he crashed for a morning nap around 8:30. So we just met up for the “social” side of the morning.

As I was leaving, one of my friends told me that I look good, she couldn’t tell I was pregnant. And inside I was like, “Score! I’m effectively dressing my prego bod!”

Because, you…


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Recipe of the mionth

Melt in Your Mouth Brown Sugar Bars
2/3 cup sifted flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup margarine
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup nuts
Sift dry ingredients together. Melt margarine in pan. Remove from heat and stir in brown sugar. Add egg and vanilla and beat well. Add nuts, stir in dry ingredients. Spread in greased 8" pan. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

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Save Money: All you have to do is ask!

When trying to save money or make your money go farther a great place to start is calling your current providers of cable, auto insurance, cell phone carriers, internet provider, etc.
Especially if your contract is up for renewal or close to renewal it’s the perfect time to call around for other quotes.  If you are pleased with your current provider and do not want to change do not be afraid to mention other competitors prices or promotions, most companies will…

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Pin Up Tease Mascara

I was wondering around my local CVS the other day as usual and I decided to stop by the NYX section. They are fairly new to my CVS and since I have discovered them I just keep buying more and more pieces to add to my ever growing collection!  The price says nothing about the quality when it comes to NYX Cosmetics. Trust me!!…


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Fall Makeup with a Twist

This look is a basic neutral eye with a fun, fresh twist and a bit of unexpected color.


Most of the makeup in this tutorial is NYX cosmetics. Everything other than the Mascara and lower lash line color, is all from my local CVS. …


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Before We Wed Blog Challenge Day Three

I hesitated to tell the true story behind my favorite present before we were married for fear you may think I am weird.  Then I thought, "Well I am!" so the true story I will tell.
When Joel and I began dating I made it very…

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