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What Do You Use for Dry Skin? Dove Has a New Solution + Giveaway

We loathe the times of the year when our skin dries out the most - usually that is around summer and winter. Dove listened to women and discovered that women who have nourished, moisturized skin are more confident. To help with women's overall self-esteem and confidence, Dove just launched their new…


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KidsCreationToLife Review

Drawing is one of the most loved activity of your child. Whatever the type of drawing be crayon or coloured drawing, sky is the limit when it comes to the kid’s imagination. KidsCreationToLifeis one of the unique thing which can give you an…


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From City to Suburb: Top 5 Toys for Outdoor Play

When we lived in a city, my kids went to the playground daily. In my stroller basket, you could always find the essentials: helmets, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and balls. Then we moved to the suburbs, a somewhat rural suburb, where we no longer walk to the park, and kids ride in cars and buses. Would our playground toys gather dust in our new home? Happily, minus the stroller, my city kids have stuck to their roots. And yes, our first big purchase for the house was…


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Hiding Behind the Door of Imperfection - Overcoming Postpartum

How could I even think to open up and make myself vulnerable to all the mommies out there? How could I stand up and say “I have NO clue what I am doing, I am drowning, I am deeply depressed about being a mother all over again, & i am scared that I am slowly loosing…


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Benefits of buying kid’s toys online

While purchasing on the web, you may run over different arrangements, rebates and coupons; shopping sites offer. Typically internet shopping entrances offer toys at a much less expensive rate and with such marvelous arrangements and rebates you get a quality and marked toy at a sensible cost. Generally one…


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Gokidly - A truly Fitness Lifestyle bike/stroller for Moms

If we were to ask you to imagine a product that would allow you to spend time with your child, be active, and travel with them in a way that was comfortable, fun and safe, would you be able to come up with something? Maybe you did, but was it practical, affordable, environmentally…


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Choosing what to forget

Up until this point, my husband and I have been the keeper of our son's memories. I've written letters to him since I learned I was pregnant, I'm one of those scrapbooking Moms who has shelves full of family albums documenting our family adventures, and my wonderful husband is the photographer of the family, capturing all the big (and…


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Just STOP!

Just Stop!

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A Few Challenges of Working From Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse...check out a few of the challenges I face and also how I deal with them.

A Few Challenges of Working from Home

What are your…


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Your Age And Your Skin

Recently, I have talked a lot about skin. And for good reason – any beauty regimen should begin by taking good care of your skin. And the earlier that you begin to care for it, the better. This is so important as when we get older and use and abuse our bodies, the appearance and condition of our skin will begin to reflect our age and lifestyle. Skin tends to go through phases according to our age and if we know what to look out for, we can begin to take preventative steps to keep our skin…


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Isn't it Ironic?...and a Bunch of Other Funny Things

Have you seen Alanis Morisette's updated version of "Ironic"? Come watch it here.....and be entertained & laugh at a bunch of other stuff.

Please click here for the FULL post.

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Orthopedic Mattress is the Key to Healthy Sleeping. Selection Guide

A person spends a third of the life in bed. One of the most important components of the bed is a mattress. Therefore, the choice of the mattress must be seriously approached. On the property of chosen mattress depends correct posture and well-being throughout the day after sleep.



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9 Effective Home Remedies For Treating Acne During Pregnancy

Is pregnancy acne driving you crazy? Many women who have been blessed with blemish free skin suffer from bouts of acne during pregnancy, due to raging hormones. In fact, acne during…


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Leaving the cereal on the shelf

I ate breakfast every morning when I was little - oatmeal in the winter, cereal in the warmer months, pancakes or waffles on the weekends. Breakfast was, after all, the most important meal of the day. I probably needed that meal to sustain me as the nuns were not going to let us eat again until lunch at 12:30.…


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May 2016 Takeover issue features Prince

Order your digital copy today.

For those who want to hold the magazine in their hands and have these pictures of Prince as keepsakes, click the link below.…


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Toddlers in Church

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

My daughter was naughty in church yesterday. Like…


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#mamastyle Date Night Outfits

#mamastyle Date Night Outfits


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3 Steps to Help your Kids Calm Down

Do your kids ever melt down or freak out? Oh wait- they all do that! Here are 3 steps that can help them calm down- this has been a life saver in our house.

3 Steps to Help Your Kids Calm Down

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One Sneaky Way to Save for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

In this post I talk about creative ways to save for a Walt Disney World vacation.  Believe me, I have LOTS of experience with this!  One Sneaky Way to Save for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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How To Make Paper Flowers

So after seeing many Pinterest pins on how to make easy paper flowers I decided to give it a try for myself.  I had also seen, like maybe many others,  several listings on Etsy for buying said paper flowers.  I thought to…


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How Candles Can Uplift Your Mood and Décor

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5 Occasions to Send Flowers to Your Mom Other Than on Mother’s Day

There are few gifts one can receive than a fresh bouquet of flowers. It even goes without saying that Mother’s Day is one of the leading occasions when flowers are gifted to mothers all over the world. Everything from beautiful bouquets of roses to orchids to brilliant sunflowers brighten any mom’s special…





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