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Celebrities Choose Carseat Strollers

As the delivery of the child is coming closer, you will have to choose among the variety of equipments and spend in malls and baby stores for hours buying clothes, toys and a stroller. Parenthood is really not just an obligation but responsibility for the whole…


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Boneless Pork Loin Chops with Veggies


Port Loin boneless chops with veggies
Two 4 packs of boneless pork loin chops
Medium sweet…

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Puto: A Filipino Dessert Recipe

Puto. No, I didn't just lace you with a vulgarity. It's what Filipino's call one of the most popular desserts of the nation. It's a soft, pillowy ball of dough that's sweet enough to want "just one more" without being overpowering. It's delicious! If you are a wiz in the kitchen and want to attempt to make it instead of heading to your nearest Filipino store, here's a simple recipe. Scroll down for some random healthy tips.…


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Strategies for Parenting Teens: How to Get Your Teenager to Open Up to You

Getting teens to open up is one of the most important tasks of parenting a teenager. It is also one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. If your teen rolls her eyes, walks away angrily, or retreats to his bedroom when you try to talk to him or her, you are not alone. Many parents…


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Morning Makeup Routine for Moms on the Go

Between errands and the kids, life can get a bit hectic— but your makeup routine shouldn’t have to be.  Whether you’re stuck with morning eye circles or a pale complexion, you can learn a simple beauty-boosting routine which takes less than ten minutes.  So, even if time isn’t on your side, you can still feel fresh-faced and confident before heading out the door. Want to know the secret?   Here’s the quick and easy morning makeup routine for moms on the go.…


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Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

In my last post, I talked about the natural based, American makeup brand Younique and how I’d been so impressed with the company and it’s products. To follow on from that, as promised, I’d like to introduce you to their best selling product – the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. This is the first product I was introduced to in the Younique range. Here’s what I think of it……


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Road Trippin'....With A Toddler

We are embarking on a road trip in a few weeks and I am so excited! Brian and I LOVE road trips. When we were dating, he traveled a lot for work and I would tag along with him on trips whenever possible. You really get to know a person when you are trapped in a car with them for hours on end. :) We love driving so much we even road tripped on our honeymoon!

I love the flexibility of driving to our destination as opposed to flying. We can stop whenever we want to, or explore a…


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Unusual postpartum changes after pregnancy

postpartum physical changes

  • My foot got bigger. If you know me, then you are aware that initially I didn’t have small feet before I had my son. And for some reason they got even bigger after pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant they use to get swollen a lot, but I figured it was due to water retention. Which it probably was, but I didn’t realize that my size ten foot would become an almost size eleven foot. I knew ahead of time that my body after pregnancy would…

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Low carb stir fry

Sausage, mushroom, onion and Pepper stir fry.…


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Interior Design: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Most homeowners feel they need to call professionals when they have issues with the electrical workings of their home, or plumbing issues. These repairs are left to the professionals. However, although interior design is an area of improving a home, many people feel they cannot afford to hire a professional. Which method would you chose? Here are…


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Ocean City, Maryland

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

Eating our weight in seafood was a goal during our…


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The World Really Does Need Love

Music inspires. When the stars of Broadway united to record "What the World Needs Now is Love" I felt so proud of them. That's what it means to use your gifts for good. It's a beautiful song--simple & strong. This terrible cycle of violence must end...Love. Must. Prevail.

Click here for the full post.

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Tips to Choose the Best Disposable Nappies for Your Little Ones

Choosing the best baby products for your little ones may seem endless and a challenge as well because there are so many options for you now. When it comes to choosing the correct baby nappies the problem still seems to exist. There is still a debate going on about what’s best; whether cloth nappies or disposable nappies. But when you consider making your life easier with your baby and to save time, disposable nappies are undoubtedly the best. So, here are some tips that you need to know when…


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Hi Bloggers how are you... I am super excited to be sharing information with you.  My name is Nota and I am a mom of 2.  My daughter will soon be turning 5 and my son just turned 5 months today.  EyeBelieve might seem like 2 words without meaning for many but for me they are 2 words that are very powerful.  My daughter was diagnosed with glaucoma when she was 18 months.  She is legally blind at the present moment.  My heart breaks every time i talk about this topic.  Her eye surgery saved a…


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Chance Strong

"My heart quit beating at 10:45" Mother of Chance, sharing his moment of passing.

I don't ever want to know what it's like to say the aforementioned quote. NEVER. It pisses me off that this community, has had to comfort a hurting mommy, one time too many. I live in the public eye, always sharing stories…


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How to choose you perfect Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids. What would you do without them? These are your closest female friends or even family members, so you will want to choose their dresses wisely.


The bridesmaid role at your wedding is a crucial one, and although you as the bride are going to be the one in the spotlight that everyone coos over on your big day, your loyal maids will need to have flattering outfits that not only compliment and enhance your own bridal gown, but will be something that they are…


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Beauty Tips for Summer Brides

Whether your ceremony is extensive or intimate, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be the centre of attention on your wedding day. Looking your best is an absolute must. Alongside an exquisite dress, radiant skin and glossy hair will leave you exuding beauty and refinement. If you want to look elegant on your big day, the following beauty tips for summer brides will take you from drab to fabulous.

Follow a skincare routine

Caring for your skin is highly important,…


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A phone-free dinner table

It's really hard to follow our own technology rules. We know that. I, for one, would consider it a win to have a phone-free dinner table. Maybe I could use a little help.…


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Strategies for Parenting Teens: How to Get Your Teenager to Open Up to You

Getting teens to open up is one of the most important tasks of parenting a teenager. It is also one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. If your teen rolls her eyes, walks away angrily, or retreats to his bedroom when you try to talk to him or her, you are not alone. Many parents…

Five Ways The EazyHoldUniversal Cuff Helps Kids with Special Needs Deal With Daily Living Activities

Most parents find that training their non-disabled children for life's activities is challenging enough. However, parents of physically challenged children have to be especially creative to make sure that their young people learn the daily life skills that they need to be self-sufficient. Occupational…




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