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Friday QuickBytes--Jack Sht's Fraternity Rules

Since Project Supermom works for herself, she has instituted a new rule...EVERY weekend will be 3-days long and will start on Fridays! Yay!! So, in honor of this, Project Supermom will let her other blogging friends do all the work for her, so that you fans and readers still get some good food…


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I need some blogger friends!

Hello moms out there! My name is Ashley and I'm a newer member to this site and blogging in general lol. I would like to meet some new moms out there. If you would like to follow my blog and give me some tips please do. :) My blog is at the following link, Thanks so much and can't wait to meet you…


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The Trademark Debate Continues: A Battle Between Two Organizations (Including a Popular Mom Blog)

I know technically my blog is violating trademark law, but for this

particular trademark I am having second thoughts. The gal that is

pursuing this is also giving me some time to make the change, which I am

very thankful for. While I have more time to make the changes…

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Last Day $20 Amazon and Kidorable Umbrella

Today's the last chance to enter my $20 Amazon Gift card and Kidorable Umbrella Giveaway


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Shedding Fat - Fat Burning Skinny Foods

It's no longer a secret that shedding fat and unwanted weight gain requires non other than a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Not only does this method help you in shedding fat, but it's also the way to go for a continuous healthy lifestyle and eating regime. Plus once you conquer this way of eating and living you will find that putting weight back on is a thing of the past.…


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Metro DC Mom on Feature Friday!

So Erika became my 100th facebook fan on my fan page and helped me get my own domain for it. So for that she gets to basically guest host this blog today and tell us a little about herself.

Erika take it away!…


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The Stay At Home Mom Bad Day Survival Guide

As a stay at home mom, some days are better than others. Some days are fabulous, and others are...well, just awful! Yesterday was one of those days. The awful kind. The kind where you think, "How could it get any worse?" And then, it does. But I was determined to not let it get the best of me!

It started with me. Yep, I set the tone for the day and I blew it. I just got in this bad mood, this funk. I didn't take the time to calm myself down, or pray or breathe...I just kept…


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A Little Package of Homecoming; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: white; background-position: 100% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; ">



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Looking to decorate your child's room?

Hi there! I am an artist who does animal and alphabet art prints. Wanted to share some of my art pieces with the community. :) I know that in thinking about designing a nursery, there really wasn't anything quite right to put on the walls, so I came up the idea for these prints. Please take a look. I hope you enjoy them too!…


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Today A Year Ago! (Blog Hop)

Welcome to 'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

Lets go down memory lane! Every Thursday, come join us in 'Today A Year Ago'!
It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory, or even better, a photo taken a year ago! (Read More)

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When we got married and decided, since we found out the week before the wedding that we were pregnant, children would be in our - very - near future, we had visions of what it would be like. A peaceful day with flowers in our hair and butterflies swirling around our family's heads as we shopped hand in hand, our baby laughing in her pressed, white dress and sunhat, waving at the stressed out Mother's with screaming children in the store thinking "That will never be our child!"

Yes,… Continue

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Seeking Sponsors For Holiday Gift Giveaway Hope!

Hello all you fabulous moms!…

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The Golden Rule…

I’m no stranger to the wonderful world of Kindergarten. This is my fourth foray in to the realm of refrigerator art, trips to the farm, & agonizingly annoying Letterland characters. And as many of you know, I have not taken kindly to having to send my last wee baby off to school this fall. Aside from the obvious reasons that any mother can relate to, there is another, far more compelling, reason as to why I was loathe to put her in the hands of the educational system. Those bastards…


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"Man Up!"?


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Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Sponsors Needed

If you have a great product for the holidays come join my Holiday Gift Guide at Shibley Smiles. Includes FREE Ad space through the event and holidays!

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Always Trying

My children are all close in age. All three were born in less than 3 years. Despite other people's recommendation for psychotherapy, we did actually plan it. Yes, we knew how it happened. And yes, it took medical intervention for us to stop.

But we wanted them all close together so that they would have similar interests. We also wanted to be in debt for weddings and college for the rest of our natural lives. It seemed fun. Kind of like living on the edge.

I have come to… Continue

Added by Lori Pace on September 23, 2010 at 1:50pm — 2 Comments

Think's to do with the kids!

On the website "Museum of Childhood" we can find series of interesting articles about the history of childhood. one of the highlights is the link to "Kid's… Continue

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7th Birthday- Fairy/Garden party

This past Sunday I had a small party for my daughters 7th birthday, in our backyard. It was so much work, for a small party but all the lack of sleep and stress I had was so worth it. My daughter had a blast and so did her friends. Come check it out and hopefully I can give you some ideas for future parties. J. At Your… Continue

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Please help my friend raise money for chemo!


It has been a few days since my last post and so much has happened.

Had my awesome Aunt and Uncle fro Oregon here.

Passed my license test so I am insurance licensed.

Found out that many people in my life are battling cancer right now. On of the 3 had surgery and they can't remove it all. The second is not recovering… Continue

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All parents with babies or toddlers need a fantastic diaper bag with lots of pockets. There are many on the market to be sure, but finding one that best fits your needs can be an arduous process. Who has time to go to a baby store and sift through the myriad…


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