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How my three year old brought me to tears in Hobby Lobby...

It's amazing how a three year old can bring you to tears. Since post holiday cleanup is done I decided to take Ryan out of the house because we both needed it. It's too cold to go play outside so I was going to take him to the library (they have an awesome kids library where I live), go get breakfast, and then go to one of the indoor play areas.

We get to the library and great. It's closed due to maintenance. Ryan is in the back seat crying and throwing a fit because I tell him that… Continue

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Things Are Not So Bad

Around our house, we have great fun celebrating Christmas. This year was also fantastic, with one exception. Nagging at me all day was how baby boy was breathing. Not good.

At 7:30pm I couldn’t take it anymore and made the trip down to the hospital. Before getting admitted, they put us in the trauma room to get him on some oxygen and begin other treatments.

I was sitting there holding a ventolin mask over his screaming face, telling myself that the situation sucked. I was… Continue

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Alphabet Activities- Letter R Rainbow Cookies

Munch and I had "R Day" a couple of weeks back...or is it a couple of MONTHS now? We did the usual routine of making the letter with wood pieces and practicing writing it, but the fun part was making the rainbow cookies. The cookies themselves tasted just okay and I might tweak the dough in the future, but the best part was how sturdy it was and its texture lent itself… Continue

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The Curious Case of Munch's Hair

After over 3 years of managing Munch's hair perfectly well (it was so easy for me to cut and style it), I'm having to learn all over again. Her hair texture has totally changed since the beginning of summer. I actually find looking back at her photos quite interesting. Her looks change drastically enough from year to year to wonder if it's the same kid, or possibly a sibling. Munch was born with a fairly full head of hair, but it took a while for it to do anything, especially grow. As a result,… Continue

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Birthday Party Round-up

As I've mentioned before, our introduction to the preschool birthday party scene has been quite interesting. AudioDad and I had discussions about accepting all the invitations that came in- especially when Munch claimed to not know the celebrant, parent etiquette- would we be perceived as "hovering" parents if we both accompanied Munch? (With the 45 min. drive each way, he didn't want to lose family time.) I'm making weekly trips to the local toy store. We've seen a wide range of parties, from… Continue

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I Haven't Forgotten You!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe it's been over a month and a half since I've posted last. We've been on the move most weekends with Munch's busy birthday party schedule and although I've taken plenty of pictures, I've had a dilemma about posting pics of her pals on the blog. As a result, I got out of the habit of frequently posting while I tried to figure out what to do (and ended up with a backlog of post topics!) So, look for more posting this week while I try to catch up! And please forgive… Continue

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EclipseSpa Consutlant's Wanted

Join EclipseSpa as an Independent Spa at Home Tonight Consultant

Are you looking for a rewarding and exciting opportunity earning extra income? EclipseSpa wants to empower women with a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money and have blissful fun selling organic and natural bath & body care products for women and men to create the spa experience at home. You can work part-time or full-time, you get to choose and be your own boss.

Why… Continue

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A Merry Christmas Post

I hope everyone here had a lovely Christmas as well!

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And A Happy New Year! Our Last Christmas As A Couple. Now We Spend Them As A Family!

Original Posting at here

It's been a wonderful Christmas break. Sometimes you don't realize how the hustle and bustle of the work week slowly beats you down until you have some time to sit down and relax and then you realize, "Oh, I forgot what this felt like!"

While we don't have any stories to tell from our break, I did realize a few things:

My husband is very into… Continue

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Bargain Planning For Deals All Through the Year

After Christmas holiday season, future shopping is the last thing you want to think about. Still, December and January are prime times to plan out your shopping for the year. Planning can make the difference between making good use of the sales coming up on one hand or overspending and passing up bargains on the other. If you can't think about shopping now,… Continue

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Romantic Christmas Story!!

Hi everyone! My son just made this video about a girl he is in love with! He has always been so shy! But his gift is filmmaking! So the only way for him to express his feelings for the girl was to make this film! I think it is the most romantic way to get a girl's attention that I've ever seen in my whole life!! What do you think?? You have to see it to believe it!

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Your Children Only Get One Childhood

I am the first one to say parenting is serious business. After all, I’m not only a mother and a grandmother, my work as an author is based on parenting as well. And like most parents, I focus on how and what my children learn, especially during their formative years. The formative years are the most important years in terms of the characteristics and traits they obtain and carry into their adult lives.

Parents place an enormous amount of energy on their children’s academic education,… Continue

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The Luckiest Woman

During a holiday work party, I went up to my husband to give him a hug when a co-worker asked me, "Do you know you are the luckiest woman in this room?".

I knew what she meant but still I asked "why?". She went on to tell me how wonderful my husband is and how I should love and cherish him. (What made her think I don't love and cherish him?) As we left she made her way to him and tried to go in for.... for well, I don't know what.... but she got a half hug at best.

My… Continue

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How to Tell Your Child There Is No Santa

There is no "right time" to tell your children that there is no Santa.

Worse yet, there is no right way.

If you're lucky, as you're stumbling to get the words out, your son will pat you calmly on shoulder and say, "Look, Mom, I know what you're trying to tell me, and it's okay. I've already figured it out."

Sort of like he's figured out that whole birds and bees thing

Yeah, yeah, I know: happy new year to you,… Continue

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Gift Giving - It's the Thought that Counts, Right?

My husband bought me a fantasy.

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Where Do Babies Come From?

Our 4 cuties (taken 2006): baby J8k, JM, JJ and Jaq

JM: Mommy, how did Daddy give you a baby? Did you swallow it?…


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The Miracle of Life

Our loveables: Jaq, JJ, J8k & JM

A beautiful video I came across with while trying to explain to my 5-yr old daughter… Continue

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On Facebook and its Applications

Facebook -- you love it, hate it or both. In my case, it's both. I love it for the fact that it connects me to families and friends, old and new. And I hate it for the fact that it doesn't seem to care about our privacy.

More so when it allowed third-party applications, which made us more vulnerable to malwares and stuffs. Of course, the onus is on us, users, to be every bit of responsible in our interaction using FB. But still, FB programmers could have just developed these apps… Continue

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Attract Money Now

Everybody needs this book especially at this time of the year when all we do is spend, spend, spend.

One of my favorite LOA teachers, Dr. Joe Vitale (from the movie "The Secret") reveals how to attract money now with his 7-step formula.

And whoever says the…

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Introducing My "NEW" Home Business


Where you can find scented candlesticks, jar candles, floating candles, candle holders, and more.

We offer affordable products 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

From tea lights to votives; from lanterns to metal candle holders, we hope to carry it all. If you're looking for something particular and can't find it on our site, please let us know. We welcome all… Continue

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