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Hurry Up! Fast Paced Fun Game Giveaway

I just reviewed a game called Hurry Up! The kids had an awesome time playing. We are always looking for games that are fun and unique and this one was a home run.

I'm giving one away to one of my awesome readers so come by and enter

Hurry Up! Game - (10/16)

While you are there enter some of my other great giveaway!…


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Super Noah's Christmas Shopping Guide ~ His Hottest Toys List!

Toys R Us released a list a few days ago for what they believe will be the hottest toys of this holiday season. You can view the Toys R Us list here.

As I mentioned before, I am not impressed with the Toys R Us list…

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My Super Cleaning Schedule

I try very hard to make every Saturday & Sunday a 'cleaning rest day.' To me ... my house is a mess on the weekends )o: I have learned over the last 5 years that I cannot keep my house clean when Superdad is home. If I clean the kitchen, he is there 5 minutes later making a sandwich. If I clean the bathroom, he is in there as soon as I shut the…


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Why The Hate All Of a Sudden?

I have been blogging since June 2009 and I have heard of blogger's being mean to one another and I have heard of blog "drama". I couldn't believe that people were being so rude to

one another and I was happy that I wasn't apart of any of it. Well in

the last month I have had a couple of experiences now and I cannot

believe how rude people can be, for no reason at all.…


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Behold the Daughter of the King: Memories of a Mom

My mother lived what could be called an ordinary life. She travelled when young, then settled down with a family, involved herself in the lives of her children and friends, and enjoyed a brief retirement. Her main interests were her faith and her family. She served at church, helped at the hospital and supported causes like Alzheimer’s awareness, missions, and hospice care. She wasn’t a leader outside our home, she wasn’t loud, she could be depended on to help but she wasn’t the focus of…


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Moms Shopping From Other Moms ... How Kool!!!

Wouldn't You like to know, if there was a really cool place, A designated area, where moms, could meet up with other moms, who were dedicated to shopping from each other online!!!

Wouldn't this be a really cool place for moms to visit???

Moms Would meet up socialize, share Recipes, home making tips, share Home Business ideas, and most of all shop from each other!!! Keeping moms empowered to better care for their families!

If… Continue

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S.M. Lockridge was the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church--a prominent African-American congregation in San Diego--from 1953 to 1993. Around the globe, he was known for his preaching. His best-known message is known as "That's my… Continue

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Check out 24/7 MOMS live webcast tonight...

24/7 MOMS Live Webcast - The Art of Family & Home Management and MORE


matter how many other jobs you have, being “mom” is the most important

job in the world – and your role managing your home can easily overwhelm

you. Join me this week with special guest Susan Heid as she shares the

most important things you need to… Continue

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Letter 18: Don't Run For Class President

What would you tell your teenaged self if you had the chance?…

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When Baby Bullies Attack

Remember the Star Wars scene when Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca were all trapped in the Death Star trash compactor and the walls were closing in on them? That impending doom device was reenacted in countless Saturday morning cartoons and as a child, it was my biggest nightmare. I thought (and still do) that the slowly-getting-crushed-between-two-walls scenario was (is) the…


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Where is that Easy Button?!?!

The first night Sydnie was born was the worst night sleep I've ever

had...about one hour total. She was so angry and cried and cried, it was

miserable. I had feasted on Hot Wings right before I went into labor so

perhaps that didn't settle to well on her tummy. Regardless she wasn't

much happier the first few weeks of life no matter what I ate.

And frankly things haven't changed much, she still is a challenge. She's

whiny, defiant, pushes all my buttons, and is… Continue

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Blue's First Ride in a Combine


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Will spending money help you receive money?

If you like my post please follow my blog and let me know and I FOLLOW BACK! Here is my post link:

One thing that Joe Vital says in his Missing Secret CD's is that he has told the universe that if he spends money he will receive money. One example he uses is that there was a woman that needed some type of… Continue

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Plank position for weight loss, have you tried it?

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I was at the doctors office a few weeks back and saw an article a

about some actress, can't remember her name but blond hair and blue eyes and think (yes I know that really narrows it down). Actually I want to… Continue

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I walked out of my room this morning, half asleep, two of my three children whining for some thing or another and step on something squishy.

I'll give you two guesses. And a clue. Check the title of the post.

How the heck did poop get in my hallway? Seriously, I am asking! Any clue?


Hmm - me neither!

The only thing I could think, while wiping my foot off and cursing in my best g language available, is that after I removed my baby's… Continue

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All I Know

I don't blog about my marriage. It was kind of an understanding we made back in the beginning. My husband read a few posts and thought he looked pretty bad, so he asked that I don't bring him in if I don't have to. I respect that and really try to keep him out. Try being the operative word.

But tonight something happened that was.... profound, if you will, that caused me to take pause. Ask questions. Complete thoughts.

I was playing outside in the back with my girls. It is… Continue

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My 1st GiveAway! $20 GC to Bonnie's Bows!

Welcome to my 1st Giveaway!!

Bonnie of Bonnie's bows (soon to be Butterflies and Babies) is generously offering a $20 GIFT CARD to her site!

What a DEAL!

How to enter the contest!

1) Get 1st Entry point! You MUST Retweet or SHARE one of my blog posts AND Visit Bonnie's Etsy shop (… Continue

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Supermarket Sex Toys

There is very little you can’t buy in a well stocked Finnish supermarket. Bread, milk, rifles, fishing nets, bullets, porn magazines, sex toys……


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The Fall

ddmacc502.wordpress.com Image via Wikipedia

The fall is my most favorite time of the year. The crisp breeze in the morning and fresh air is reminiscent of my hometown in Illinois. I miss all the autumn colors here in the deep south but I still love this time of year.

I remember looking out at the fields of pumpkin as far as the eye could see. The corn being harvested and sounds of crows all… Continue

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Cool & Creepy

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