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When You Want Something Done, You Can

Usually, I am at work, at this table, by 8.15am or so. Today, I am starting out a little later than usual. Not because I'm lazy or am too sleepy (I was!!!) but because I found out that I've been making excuses.

I've always thought that it was not possible for me to find time to exercise. But now I realize that it was just an excuse to be lazy. You see, when you want something done, you can.

So, this morning, after sending the… Continue

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I'm having a giveaway over at one of my blogs. Come on over and check it out. It ends at midnight on August 15th.

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Live Back To School Giveaway Event - Over $3000

24/7 MOMS is kicking off the New School year with a 2 hour LIVE webcast Back To School party.

Join us for the 24/7 MOMS LIVE Virtual Party -(TV show on your computer). Put on your comfy sweats or PJ’s and let’s celebrate a new school year with 2 hours of Giveaways over $3000.00 worth, Live MOMversation , and Tons of MOM fun. Invite your MOM friends to meet you online at the 24/7 MOMS Virtual party.

When: Tuesday August 11,… Continue

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I am having a giveaway!

I am giving away one of my gerber daisy necklaces on my blog.

Go on over to my blog and enter. Giveaway ends Fri, Aug 14th.…


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Safekeeping of Your Jewelery - Part 1 - Travelling With Jewelry


Your personal jewelry has been acquired over your lifetime. It could be something as sentimental as your first gold chain with religious medallion, your childhood charm bracelet, diamond engagement ring or inherited antique jewelry just to name a few. Nonetheless, these pieces not only have sentimental worth, but also significant monetary value.

Over the years, designs and styles change, older pieces dating to the Victorian and Art Deco periods could be difficult to replace,… Continue

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August is Just Daisy - Win a Crochet Daisy Headband...Your Choice

August is Just Daisy - Win a Crochet Daisy Headband...Your Choice

Go to Simply FaBOWlous Blog to register

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No more Rhyming, I mean it.. [does anybody want a peanut?]

I've tried to write this post a few times without much success.. it seems there isn't a way to lay it out without sounding like a wet rag or homeless puppy... but it is the middle of the summer and vacation is what everyone is doing or thinking about -- add on top a recession and we have stone soup. The result of this has taught me a great deal about myself, which is good should I ever find myself in a padded room laughing hysterically at nothing.

From a professional standpoint I… Continue

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Mom's Homeroom Interview With Claire

Mom's Homeroom Logo

Today, I will be bringing you our interview with Claire from Mom's Homeroom. Renee and I asked her a few questions that we felt our readers would like to hear about.


Claire is a mother of two, and is very familiar with the struggle of career and family. She… Continue

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It's the SImple Things

Life gets so crazy and we all tend to get so caught up in our own little worlds. I know for me that during the week I get little time for anything outstide of my work, son and household.

My parents retired about 3 years ago and moved to an adult community. They absolutely love it and now have a more active social life than I do. And even though they now live closer to me than they did before, I don’t get to see them very much.

I am lucky. My parents are still young and… Continue

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Too Many Recipes!

I have a problem. I cannot help myself when it comes to collecting recipes. I clip them from magazines or newspapers, get them from friends and coworkers, and print so many off the web. They are tucked away into piles and binders and envelopes all over the house. And I haven't yet mentioned the many back issues of Martha, Bon Appetit, Cook's Illustrated, and so on- I CAN'T just toss them- what if there's a recipe I might want? But finally I had to face it-… Continue

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Are You Breastfeeding or Know Someone Who Is?


If you're currently breastfeeding or know someone who is, I'm inviting you to come visit this post .You will find breastfeeding articles, tons of stuff for breastfeeding moms that you can win for free, and find other breastfeeding-related giveaways and articles by other bloggers.

If you're a blogger and would like to share your own breastfeeding articles or… Continue

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CNN Can Shove It Too

I am so sick of people telling me I need to stop being so overprotective. I tell NO ONE how to parent. So why do people think it's ok to criticize my parenting.

I don't want to run down the list of awards and recognition my boys have received...let's just say they have themselves together. Those awards should have our names in the fine print because we are damn good people and caring parents.

I am dealing with my children growing up and moving on as best I can, thank you… Continue

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Ask the Moms: New Mom Questions

see what everyone is saying- great responses and so helpful! :)

I hope ya'll can help me out today because I have a few questions!

1. How do you bathe your children? Up until recently we always took showers with Lucas. It was the easiest and Lucas seemed to like it. We only used the baby bath thing for a few days after he was born- he hated it! Now I think he would enjoy a bath better because it would allow him to play, but we haven't figure out the best… Continue

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Please help me Earn $500.00

Hey guys,

I am a Purex Insider and have a unique opportunity to win $500.00 by having the most hit to this Purex link. It is a link about Purex where you can get a coupon for Purex 3 in 1 Sheets.

Please help. I could use the mula.

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Blog Sharing Party Has Started! Come Be A Part Of It

When I feel like I really need a night away from my adorable family (by that I mean 'adorable, but right now stressful') I gather my blog friends together and have a Virtual Girls Night Out. It's a great way to share your blog with others and meet other bloggers as well.

Do you ever wish you could have a night out but just can't find a sitter? Come join us at… Continue

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Napa Family Fun

Next stop of favorite blog trips for Gina & I (with kids in tow) was Scientopia and lunch at Oxbow Market. It was a pretty quiet morning and we were lucky to have Scientopia almost to ourselves for the first hour. The boys headed straight to the train table and the digging… Continue

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Scentsy Giveaways!

A blog for all who love Scentsy. One place to enter every Scentsy giveaway available throughout the year.


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Is there such thing as Post Holiday Depression?

My mum keeps telling me that my beloved Grandmother (who was an entrepreneur and workaholic) used to say all the time "Holidays are bad. You switch off from everything and you face hell when trying to get back into a routine. So, you should never go on holiday" Well she never really said "Hell" as such, that is more my interpretation of it.

To continue reading click… Continue

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when you try your best

The past couple of days have been a bit hellish, the kids have hit the school holiday 'lets wind each other up every five minutes' kick and no matter what I seem to do nothing will go smoothly.

I decided to do some baking with the girls yesterday, whilst hubby was out, for a bit of four on one time with mummy. Everything went ok apart from the fighting over who was licking the spoon etc but the one thing I found the hardest is that 22month old is a bit too young to get involved with… Continue

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More Milestones

The best thing I’ve ever done with my life is to be a wife and mother to our two boys. All the pretty pictures pass through my mind…the breastfeeding, crawling, walking, first day of school…. Then BOOM! Our oldest is walking up to the podium to give his valedictorian speech. AND BAM! Our youngest is “graduating” from 8th grade.

"Athletic" (oldest) wanted to move out right after graduation. Lucky for me he is only 17 so I told him I would not allow him to leave until he was… Continue

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