In my search for no risk (FREE) online income opportunities I came across a site that has great potential to be a steady source of income with minimal time invested and wanted to share with members of this group.


 MyLikes is a new company started by 2 former google employees. So far I've been very pleased with how easy this program is to work and I've seen earnings start to build a few days after my first tweet. All you do is post one sponsored "like" per day on twitter which takes less than a minute. You then get paid for each click your post receives. The payment per click is based on the number of twitter followers you have so the more followers the higher payment per click you will qualify for.  And best of all you'll get a weekly paypal payment every Friday as long as your balance is at least $2.00. I've tried other programs involving posting links to twitter and this is the only one that I've made any money with. I received my first paypal payment last Friday while I was away at the beach. I hadn't posted any "likes" all week and it was a nice surprise to come home to a few extra dollars. My favorite feature of MyLikes is that it allows you to schedule your posts for up to 4 consecutive days so you don't need to manually post everyday. Besides earning from posting sponsored links, you can also use MyLikes as a means of advertising your own business or website/blog by paying others to "Like" something for you. I have not done this as of yet so I can't comment on any results but as far as making money by tweeting my "likes" I think it's great!




Have any of you used MyLikes for either a source of income or as an advertiser to get more traffic for your site? Would love to hear some other experiences.

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Hi bestmommy,

Thanks so much for sharing! This sounds like a really fun opportunity and I will definitely take my time to look into this and maybe take it for a test drive for my both my frugal living blog but also when spreading the words about the biggest crime in America: Identity theft and how we can all protect our self.

Hi Maja,

Yes, do check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to see results as quickly as I did. I'm hoping to turn it into a weekly income generator. Every little bit helps! I'm following your frugal living blog. I too love getting the last drop out of all of the containers in my house.

Hi bestmommy,

Thanks for being a follower of my blog, that is appreciated. In these economic times every little bit definitely helps as you are mentioning. As far as the Identity Theft goes, do you by any chance know someone who values their identity and cares enough about their family to pay $1.25/day to protect them from Identity Theft - we offer protection in all 5 areas, and offer daily pay with a great compensation plan. There's no selling involved, all we do is share the information. Also very important - this is not a quick get rich scheme. Let me know what you think. I will definitely look into your opportunity.

Thank you,
Sounds neat- I will check it out!




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