First steps, words, and bites – every moment is worth cherishing when it comes to your bundle of joy. What are the baby firsts you’re most looking forward to?

How do you keep track of memories and developmental milestones? Do you keep a diary or jot everything down mentally? Consider checking out the FREE iPhone application from Philips AVENT, “My Baby & Me.” It allows you to keep track of your baby’s health and growth, sleep, diaper, and feeding schedule, and can combine all your baby’s firsts into a colorful (and sharable!) movie -- complete with photos and music!

Remember, we’re giving away great prizes this week! To enter, join the discussion and tell us which of the following activities you engaged in: : 1) “Liked” the Philips AVENT Facebook 2) Tweeted about the importance of a “mom tribe” using the #PhilipsAVENTMomTribe hashtag.



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I like Philips Avent on facebook!

Sabrina Dahl Radke

sradke1024 at gmail dot com

I tweeted!


sabrina radke

sradke1024 at gmail dot com

I couldn't wait to hear my children call me mama!  Such a special moment.

I liked the Philips AVENT FB fan page!

Crystal Joy Abel

finamoon AT gmail DOT com

Baby's first smile is my favorite first. Finally, baby does something other than eat and poop! It's like some much needed affirmation.

I follow Phillips Advent on FB and tweeted:


my favorite first was always the first smiles.   They were so sweet and it was like I was reaffirmed...oh yeah, my baby likes me!


I do try to write things down for first adn did great with it for the first few kids...now, not quite as great.  I do try to document firsts with pictures and do good with that

like advent on facebook


Liked the Philips AVENT Facebook.

We have a baby book we write that ruff down in - try to at least! LOL Right now DS is about to crawl! I can't wait until he starts speaking :)


Likje Avent pn Facebook - Lori B... C....

I have a little journal in her room by her crib, so whenever I have a second after changing or feeding her...I jot down little notes to her about her development or something cute she did today. Informal, but gets the job done!


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