Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

To be a professional gambler, you need to be a man - at least this is what many media outlets and society as a whole are trying to tell us. Of course, men are seen as being risk-takers but this doesn't necessarily translate into them being the only gender to enjoy playing casino games. Stats show that as many women enjoy a few spins on a Royal Vegas slot machine than…



Hi Mommy Bloggers!

I recently was selected to do a blogging interview on my blog!  I think, as a newbie, it is a great way for my readers to know why I started blogging.  I have to pass this along to 10 other bloggers and would love to share it with my fellow Mommy Bloggers.  Please leave a comment with your blog's website and I will be happy to add you!


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Hi there!  I blog over at I would love to be a part of your interview!  --Stacey  

Thanks so much!!  I'm at


Awesome!  It is nice to meet you!  I subscribed to your blog, it looks awesome!  I am also on Twitter at @poothead.  I look forward to your interview!  

Thanks!  Your blog makes me feel guilty for sitting at the computer all day!  I will use it as inspiration to get up and get moving!!  :)

It has been hard to do but I am doing it somehow.  I am hoping to reverse pre-diabetes which in turn has caused me to have to change my whole life.  But I am getting there!  I have been sitting all day today--raining out and I have to work in a bit.  :)  

I'm interested, my blog is

Perfect!  Thanks everyone!  I just need 3 more bloggers to join to seal the deal.  Pass along to anyone you might think would be interested in this interview!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to let you all know that I finished my part in the blogging interview and it will go live on my site,, on Monday, August 17!  When I post things about my blog, it's usually on a Monday.  So, I wanted to keep with this and post it for Monday - I will be back them to share the link with everyone!!

Hey everyone!  I finished the blogging interview!  Find the link below! 

Don't forget to link other bloggers to pass it on and myself as well, so I can see your answers. ;)  Happy blogging!

If you still need bloggers to interview, I would be happy to.

Hi Jaclyn,

I was thinking of doing the same for my blog. I really think it is a great idea and is a great way to get to know other bloggers as well. I know this is an old post, but just in case you still need someone to interview, I would be more than happy to.

Belle - One Awesome Momma


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