Hi everyone- I just joined and would love to visit everyone's blogs, but it's kind of a pain to click on everyone's name, then scroll down their page til I find their blog. Maybe we could all list them here so that we can find eachother easily. Thanks!

Mine is:

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I'd love to list mine also ... I'm from WI ... mine are


the first is my *regular* everyday blog and the second is where I talk about and update my kids medical situations.
WELCOME to the group! I'm a newbie, too.


I am a Conservative Mama, who loves her family & country, and who's willing to take a stand to protect both.
I am from Illinois.

Here are my blogs:

Connecting Women; Arabesque Media Center; and Global Arts.

I also have a podcast show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/connectingwomen.
Hi Everyone,

This thread is a great idea! My blog is www.savinginakron.blogspot.com. Thanks in advance if you take the time to have a look.
My blog is Spell Outloud I showcase crafts you can make by using digital scrapbooking supplies and other educational ideas.
Hey love your blog Maureen, I just started following. Wanted to let you know I found you through MBC.
Bella Scraps: online magazine for scrapping beautifully (digital and hybrid)
Savings Diner: modern taste on a retro budget
You can find me at jenniferswilson.com and my blogs are:

Simple Scrapper
Midwest Neurotica
Minnesota mama here! Here's my blog link Miracles on Mama Street
Hi, I am new to mombloggers and fairly new to blogging. I started in March and am learning so much from other moms. My blog is at http://www.faithfamilyfibro.com My family and I live in Iowa!
Memoires of a SAHM :Writings and ramblings of a SAHM in Omaha, Nebraska.


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