I'd love to get in touch with fab foodie bloggers & follow & add to my circles - if you leave me your blog urls that would be great! I'm looking for lots of new food blogs to read. 

If you want to visit mine its www.daisiesandpie.co.uk

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Hi Wendy, here's mine www.theglutenfree.com... I'll visit yours.

Jan Withington

Hello Wendy! I'm a food blogger as well. Here's my info: 

Food blog

Facebook Page
Google+ Page
Pinterest Page
Instagram Page http://instagram.com/marnimutrux

Hi Marni - thanks for the links to your blog - I'm off to have a look :)

Hi Jan - thanks for the link - I just started eating grain free so I'm sure I'll love your site - off for a look now - Wendy 

Hi Wendy. My blog is www.cookiedoughandovenmitt.com. I'll be sure to visit yours as well. :D


Oooo thanks Miranda - I'll pop over for a look now :)

I just had a really quick look as it's dinner & bedtime hour here - but WOW your photos of food are so lovely :)) 

Hi Wendy, love your blog!  Here's my particulars, thx - Wanda

www.bakersbeans.ca | @momwhoneedswine | https://www.facebook.com/bakersbeans

Hi Wanda - thanks for your link I'll go look :))

Here is my virtual recipe box!



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