I've started my first Holiday Gift Guide. I ended up having a designer make it for me after trying unsuccessfully to create it on my own. Now I have a problem with it. When I add a gift item to the page, it has none of the plugins, like the Share button.

My guide is a page made on a Wordpress blog and each item I add to it is added to that page. They're posts on their own, but once they hit the Guide, they're no longer posts. Does that make sense?

Here's the link to my Guide - http://brainfoggles.com/holiday-gift-guide-2010/ Please click on Toys to see one of my items. Then click on this post - http://brainfoggles.com/2010/11/12/zhu-zhu-pets-toys-holiday-gift-g... You'll see the difference.

Any advice on how to fix this please?

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