Will you and your family take a vacation this year? Where are you going? What are your favorite travel tips for families?

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We are heading out to Alaska in like two weeks! We decided to take our 14 month old. We are brave parents or so we've been told. It should be a grand adventure. I am going to be blogging about it and we shall see how it goes! My favorite travel tip probably sounds really silly to most people but it really works for me. My tip is to smile. If you are in an airport or bus or where ever smile at people. It kinda takes them off guard and they are SOOO much more willing to help you with things. People expect you to be stressed and grumpy so when they see me or my daughter smile at them they truly take pity on us. Other than that, the best tip would be bring extra EVERYTHING!! You never know how traveling is going to effect not only you but your little ones. Extra clothes, diapers, medicine, wipes, food, whatever is always a good idea!

We'll be having a wonderful stay-cation this year. For a great beach experience we only have to drive a few miles to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. If I can't be in Florida, I'm completely happy to be here.  Many locals don't appreciate what's in their own backyards but we enjoy it. For more details:  Family Vacation Destination - Virginia Beach 

My best tip for traveling with children? See things from their point of view.  They have a much different idea of fun than you do, and what seems like a few minutes to you seems like hours to them. So don't expect them to be any more patient or have a longer attention span than they do at home. Watch for signs they are getting bored or tired and take preemptive measures to keep melt downs to a minimum.

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