Question of the Day: How Many Books Have Your Read This Year?

Studies show that people are reading less and less every year. Do you agree with that? How many books have you read this year so far?

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Not sure about the stats. But if people are reading less, that's sad. There's so many amazing books and stories out there--all kinds of genres for anyone's interest.  I LOVE to read! I have a Kindle and just read one novel after another. Check out Amazon's "Free" ebook might have to search a bit, but there's lots of books out there for low to no cost.  And go to the library too!

 I am on a book series that is 21 books long. I have read all 21 and an on #5 of the second time through. Book 22 comes out in a couple of weeks so I should have these done by the time that one comes out. I have also read a couple of series that were 4 and 5 books long so I would say about 30 books this year.

Wow I didn't realize that people were reading less than usual.  I love reading; it is my favorite hobby.  I try to make sure I have a little "me time", after a hard days work of chores, and taking care of my precious little ones.  After I put them to bed I spend my night cuddled up with a warm blanket and I start reading my books.  I am a very fast reader and so I can say I have read quite a lot of books this year.  I have read well into 70 at least and I am sure there are tons more.  When my children are safe and tucked into their beds I get to experience a whole other world by immersing myself in a good book.  Reading takes me to a whole other world and it helps all of my stresses melt away at that time.  Of course when the chapter and/or the book is done those things come back, but they are lessened.  I think it is important for us mommies to take some time out for ourselves even if it is just relaxing to a book or watching a movie.  Hopefully the stats go up some; fingers crossed! :)



Not sure how many I've read--but according to my Kindle it's A LOT. Thankfully my son loves to read too--and we're both fans of actual books--although Kindle is great to bring along too.

Do kids books count? LOL!

I agree with everything out there online ... People are reading less, which is sad indeed. In fact I have a list of books I would want to read but there is hardly any time .. In fact when I have time I spend reading blogs now a days.. Apart from writing.

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