5 Simple Ways To Age Gracefully

Everyone ages no matter how many products and programs are intended specifically to slow the aging process. It’s a natural part of life to age. The key to aging is to make yourself feel as good as possible through the years of the aging process. Of course, it’s easier to start as early as…

How to Easily Order Your Favorite British Brands from the United Kingdom

If you have visited the United Kingdom as much as we have you already know that there are products and brands that you love there that you simply cannot buy in the United States no matter how hard you look. What’s a mom to do when she wants British…



I came across this idea in another forum and thought it would be good idea to share it here.

I know there are many Mom’s who stay at home, but also run part time business’s from home, that non of us know about, but many of us can benefit from, and we can support each other in our endeavours. There are so many people doing independent sales, and so many awesome new companies everywhere that we don’t know about.

So come on….share your company here, tell us what you do and for which company?

I am in the process of building a website, called The Special needs

Here you can get information, tips and techniques for raising, loving and parenting a child with special needs. Special families need to share stories, resources, and information to inspire and motivate each other on this long journey full of ups and downs, raising a child with special needs.

Pop in, have a look around! I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or would like to contribute to my site.




Who’s next?

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I have an online store called AddMoreColor. Currently I run a store by that name in Zazzle. I am working on expanding to other sites and also am building a website for the store.
AddMoreColor essentially presents customizable photo designed gifts that you can personalize to your preference. They could add more color to your home, work area and make lovely gifts for your loved ones. Products featured at AddMoreColor include posters, prints, canvas art, framed art, mugs, mouse pads, keychains, buttons, stickers, magnets. There are many more products that would be added from time to time

My blog "Wonderful Gifts for Wonderful People" aim to not only feature my products at AddMoreColor but also other great gift giving ideas for all occasions.

I hope you like my designs and blog, and that you find something that is perfect for you and your loved ones.
My business is Shortycake Creations, , Sweet gifts, Party favors, & Self Indulgent Treats. It started as a hobby about 5 years ago and I am now focussed on it full time.

I love being a SAHM, but still need and want to contribute to my family's income. That is why I work from home. I help moms work from home as my job! I am with an established team and business, and all you need is a phone and computer :) If you want to learn more, you can visit my website and I can properly contact you from there.

Mom to feisty toddler, #2 on the way
Hello all!

My name is CJ and I have an online vintage shop ( Because of family "stuff" (I am sure you can all relate), I have not been to focus on it like I should. But I am geared up and ready to get it moving. So check it out and let me know your thoughts. You can also reach it through my blog.

Also, I am a writer and starting to work on a memoir project. Check out my personal blog at
Environmentally-friendly, natural-based products, with 100% guarantee... and free products.

I got involved with this company in November 2007, after meeting with a couple of the long-time customers. This company is consumer-direct, which means that there is no middle man, so the consumers have input on what is out there and the costs are lower. This company has been in business for 25 years and is an Inc. 500 company.

I started taking the vitamin supplements, and after a few short months, I was able to reduce the amount of medications I was taking. I also started out trying to sports supplements, and the household products.

Did you know that dish soap has acid in... and can make children and pets sick, or worse?

What I would really like to share is that the products are highly-concentrated, to provide more for the money, and work extremely well. Also, everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like it, they will reimburse or replace it for you.

Also, when you sign on a a customer, you are given $100 of free products (over the first 5 months), to try other products at no charge. If they didn't believe in their product, would want to give their stuff away?

Then, as you shop each month, you earn more "free" money, to use to purchase other products,.

If you take a shower, brush your teeth, or even do laundry, then this is a shopping experience for you.

My website is:
My blog site is:

Thank you.
I am NOT a SAHM - but work my business in my spare time from my main job. This is my FUN job, the one I am passionate about and love meeting new people and helping families supplement their income and still receive Great Books for their family library!

My goal is to eventually go Full Time and become a Foster Mom to kids who need a loving home and an encouraging push in the right direction. So, I need to really work on building my business so I can be a SAHM!

Usborne provides many opportunities that match different situations and interests. You might be a SAHM who needs a few hours to herself, or want to help provide for your family by sharing literacy and books with families just like yours. You may be a teacher or librarian who wants to help schools & libraries, charities or groups earn money or FREE Books through Fundraisers or Reading Incentive Programs. There is so much you can do with this company - you are FREE to be as creative or successful as YOU want to be!

Your success is limitless with Usborne Books & More. Join our team this June, and you will receive 10 of our most popular titles, a set of business supplies, including OrderPro (our electronic ordering program), and a 6 month eCommerce Consultant Web Site. Ask your independent consultant for details. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply submit a completed Consultant Agreement to the Home Office by 10:00 am CST on June 30th, 2010.

EXTRA $50.00 in MERCHANDISE ALLOWANCE!!! Have a Catalog Show!
Usborne Books & More is thrilled to offer special Hostess Rewards for June 2010. When you host a $350+ home show with 2 bookings dated within 4 weeks, you'll receive EXTRA $50.00 in MERCHANDISE ALLOWANCE!!!

Tina "The Book Lady"
For all of you mama's who have your own businesses from home, I would love to help you learn how to market them online! Here are some links you can check out!
I just began working at home with a few columns of Ann Arbor edition. I am the examiner of childrens crafts, frugal living and family travel. I also just began a mom blog at I am a freelance writer, will do your PR, review your products and do giveaways of products or services on my website.
hi shanna
just followed your blog.

shanna brooks said:
I just began working at home with a few columns of Ann Arbor edition. I am the examiner of childrens crafts, frugal living and family travel. I also just began a mom blog at I am a freelance writer, will do your PR, review your products and do giveaways of products or services on my website.
Check out my new website...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kelly and I run a online store selling Personalized Children's Books and Music you can visit my store here I am looking for other Mommy Bloggers who are interested in trading buttons to help cross promote our products!


I'm also not a SAHM but, I would like to become one someday. I have 3 children ages 3, 2 and 1 (I'm crazy). I own Bonita Boutique, a trend-setting and fashion forward store for babies, toddlers, girls and ladies. It's a "all about girls" store that offers accessories, clothing and more! I also recently purchased Diary of a Posh Mom blog: and I'm excited to start blogging, reviewing and working on that site.

Stop by, fan us on FB or Twitter. Let us know what you think!

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