I wanted to start a new thread because some of these discussions get so long that half of the blogs get lost!

I think we all want to grow our blogs. I'd love to find other passionate bloggers out there. We can help each other grow and find new inspiration in each other while we're at it.



I'm Henna. Here's my blog ----> http://hennablossom.com

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hennablossomblog

PLEASE "LIKE" my facebook page and/or leave a comment on my blog. I'd love to visit yours as well.

My blog is filled with photography, daily life, travel, sometimes fashion posts, sometimes I get crafty, hopefully inspiration posts, just the mix of what I'm going through and what is inspiring me at the moment.

My profile goes something like this: a city girl and a dreamer. wife to a good man, mama to the cutest little chub of a boy. i love photography, art, design, language, travel and being inspired. I blog about all of the above. and sometimes none of the above.

Looking forward to meeting other bloggers! Maybe we share can our stories and swap some blogging advice!

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Hello, I'm new to Mom Bloggers, I've been blogging for several years but am kicking off my newest one if anyone would like to take a look! It's about pregnancy and motherhood.


Hi!  I'm Beck.  I just started my blog as part of my new year's resolution, and I have it filled with some back-dated entries from a blog that I never kept up with.  I'm writing my blog so that my five kids will always have funny memories to look back on, and so that I can write them letters, too. 


I would love to have more followers & I would love to follow some new blogs, as well.

Hi beck , visiting your blog and followed it .. Hope you can visit mine as we'll .

Thanks! See you

Hi everyone!  

I'm a wife, mom of 7, a nurse staying home right now.  My children and I have been through many trials and I write about some of those things as well as life as a woman, wife and mother. 

Heartbeats Soul Stains

If you stop by please let me know you did so I can come and get to know you better :)

Hi! I'm Brittney! I'm new to this site and still trying to figure out things. I have a blog called Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom. http://ortizkingdom.blogspot.com I blog mostly about my life being a first time mother and a wife in a biracial home. I liked you FB page and I took a look at your blog as well as followed it. Your pictures are fantastic and I aspire to be like that. What kind of camera do you use if you don't mind me asking? Your son is adorable!

I know I'm just rambling right now but it's pretty late now. I hope we can be friends and follow each other! :)

Hi Britney , I'm a first time mom too and have 3 year old son visiting your blog and followed it .. Hope you can visit mine as we'll .

Thanks! See you

Hey Ladies! I am so excited to be here - SO new to Mom Bloggers Club and still getting to know how it all works... hopefully I am doing this correctly! :) Please follow and like my blog on the following sites and let me know once you do so I can follow/like you back!! So excited to meet you all and follow your cute blogs! 



Blog: http://www.todaysthebestday.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TodaysTheBestDay

Instagram: http://instagram.com/todaysthebestday1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/todays_bestday

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/danidavis08/ 

Bloglovin: https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11384963 

Hi Danielle ,

Love your blog and you have amazing photos.. Got your back on facebook page , blog lovin and twiiter. Hope to hear from you too!

Facebook page : A Bountiful Love

Blog : A Bountiful Love

Twitter : @ABountifulLove

Hello, My name is Allison. My blog is Mommy's Heart, http://mommysheart13.blogspot.com/, and I talk about different Pinterest Pin's and I try to use them everyday.I haven't been able to blog in a while, but now I am back at it and ready to stay on track this time!

visited your blog today :)

Take care,

Khit @ A Bountiful Love

Here's mine...


Hi everyone, I am Lisa and my blog is Life on the other side of the black balloons - http://othersideoftheblackballoons.com

It a sarcastic view of what happens to the super single mom who has raised competitive overachievers once they start to leave the nest and they decide it's time for mom to get out in the work and date.

You can also follow me on twitter - http://t.co/T2z3LZkzm4. @lotosotbb

I hope that you will stop by....




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