I wanted to start a new thread because some of these discussions get so long that half of the blogs get lost!

I think we all want to grow our blogs. I'd love to find other passionate bloggers out there. We can help each other grow and find new inspiration in each other while we're at it.



I'm Henna. Here's my blog ----> http://hennablossom.com

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hennablossomblog

PLEASE "LIKE" my facebook page and/or leave a comment on my blog. I'd love to visit yours as well.

My blog is filled with photography, daily life, travel, sometimes fashion posts, sometimes I get crafty, hopefully inspiration posts, just the mix of what I'm going through and what is inspiring me at the moment.

My profile goes something like this: a city girl and a dreamer. wife to a good man, mama to the cutest little chub of a boy. i love photography, art, design, language, travel and being inspired. I blog about all of the above. and sometimes none of the above.

Looking forward to meeting other bloggers! Maybe we share can our stories and swap some blogging advice!

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Hi all, we have a new blog: www.themamavillage.com. My fellow blogger, Kim, and I are on a mission as moms to cut ourselves - and each other - some slack.

We share parenting stories, recipes, fitness and style finds, and more. Kim is pregnant with identical twin boys (due March 2014!) and my boys are seven and five. 

We hope you'll stop by and check us out! We look forward to getting know more of you in our community.

Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/themamavillage

Our Twitter page: www.twitter.com/themamavillage

Our Pinterest page: www.pinterest.com/themamavillage

Thank you!!

 Hi Liza ,

love the blog.. I agree on the cutting each other some slack! I liked your fb page nad followed you on twitter as well..

Here's my about me page : http://abountifullove.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_28.html

fb page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Bountiful-Love/161783540510842

take care!

Thank you so much! I'm following your blog now, as well! I love your pancake mix recipe, especially because it calls for whole wheat flour, which I'm trying to use more of! Thanks for connecting here.

Hi there, following your different places :)

facebook: Heartbeats Soul Stains

Twitter:  @HBSoulstains

Pinterest:  Debbie @ Heartbeats Soul Stains

Hi Debbie - I'm following you online now, as well! I look forward to reading about your journey.

You can follow my new blog via my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/asplendidmessylife

I'm blogging about being a new mom and other lifestyle posts that interest me. I love making lists of resources about things that have worked for me like 'personalized gifts for grandparents' or 'toys that get played with for babies 0-12months'. I look forward to connecting with more bloggers!

Hi Jenn ,

I liked your page :)

khit @ http://abountifullove.blogspot.com/

Thanks! I also liked your FB page. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog :)

Hi Jenn, welcome to motherhood :)

Looking forward to following you

Heartbeats Soul Stains

Hi I'm Jai! My blog is Mami's Time Out http://mamistimeout.com and I blog about affordable beauty and fashion for moms with a little mom life and parenting thrown in. 

I have a 6 year old boy and a 13 month old boy. Love finding new mom blogs! I'm also on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as @JaiMami.

Hi Jai ,

Checked your blog! love it..i liked your page and followed u on twitter  , also subscribed on your email list.

Would love for u to visit mine too..

blog : http://abountifullove.blogspot.com/

fb : A Bountiful Love

twitter : @ABountifulLove


What a wonderful site! Your photos are beautiful. My blog is louiebehogan.com and I blog about love, friends, children, dogs, hiking, and life. I just have always had a passion to write, and now I finally am. I am also new to blogging and really enjoying this whole blogging world.




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