Is Gambling a Man's Thing? We Dare to Disagree

To be a professional gambler, you need to be a man - at least this is what many media outlets and society as a whole are trying to tell us. Of course, men are seen as being risk-takers but this doesn't necessarily translate into them being the only gender to enjoy playing casino games. Stats show that as many women enjoy a few spins on a Royal Vegas slot machine than…



It is really that hard to get people to follow your blog?

I go on people's blog and see them have all these followers on their blog, and me, I  know I started a month ago but I only have 12 followers...Wonder if I am doing something wrong??

Feel free to visit!!! thanks...

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A lot of people seem to get followers by responding to the Follower section of the MBC forum.  You can also participate in Blog Hops (they're everywhere online).  Plus, when you comment on someone's blog they'll usually return the favor and check you out.  I wouldn't put so much pressure on yourself to get followers though.  Keep in mind that the number of followers isn't a great indicator of who is actually reading your blog because a lot of people just do a follow for follow.  People who are genuinely engaged in your blog are better identified by whether they comment or subscribe via RSS or email.  Good luck!  I like your tips on making kale chips.  I've never tried them but always wanted to!


A month and 12 already?  Took me longer than that.  Still, it's what you put into it.  I am not too focused on followers, just writing to enjoy it and if people like it, that's awesome.  People will come and read, give it some time.

Hot Mama

The picture at the top of your blog is HILARIOUS!  Love it!  :) 


Jennifer Amy Randolph said:

A month and 12 already?  Took me longer than that.  Still, it's what you put into it.  I am not too focused on followers, just writing to enjoy it and if people like it, that's awesome.  People will come and read, give it some time.

Hot Mama

Thanks guys for your support!!!


I started my blog a few weeks ago and have 9 followers. 2 I know personally, and the other 7 I got from this site. It took me 2 weeks to get my first follower. I posted a comment in the NEED FOLLOWERS section of this sit.

 I also PIN a lot of my pictured from my DIY projects to Pinterest. I have seen a lot of activity from that site over the past few weeks. I agree though, it is the quality of your followers, not the quantitiy. At the same time though, the more foloowers you have, the more you get your blog out there for other people to see. 


Three Ladies and a Daddy Blog

I kind of agree with the "followers" thing. My blog has been up and running for 4 months. I have a few dozen regular followers via email subscription and RSS feeds, hundreds on Twitter, and around 60 on Facebook. I KNOW for a fact that many of my "regulars" watch when I post updates on Facebook or Twitter and then follow the link. I also know that there are many who have simply bookmarked my page so I can't really track them as easily. I think that a genuine follower is SO much more important that someone who follows just to say they did it but have no plans to return to your blog again.I don't have a huge amount of follows in comparison to others, but my Alexa rank is climbing quickly and I have decent traffic.

Good content...give people will bring them back. I don't feel like my blog has a lot of subtance but I do hear lots of comments about how it makes them laugh. That's what is most mportant to me and was my goal from the start. .

Don't feel bad. I've been blogging for many years with little success. I could use some help too!

network network network! MBC is great for that, and there are a bunch of other options too. I've recently restarted blogging after a long sabbatical and while I have a ways to go, I've been working on making my blog more accesible. It's been working, but it's a lot of work. Worth it though!

Another thing to do is not just focus on the numbers, but also on the community. If someone comments, respond back. Then offer the same by commenting on their blog. Hopefully when you leave a comment on someones blog they will return the favor. While I enjoy having followers, I love most when I get a comment back from someone. It lets me know people are actually reading and not just hitting that follow button, you know?


Good luck and keep it up! You'll get there =)

12 in a month is great! I found that I would get more followers from going into forums I belonged to and starting a conversation about sharing new blog posts. I'd spend a few hours on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee and some other tasty baked good and link my blog to a post asking others to do the same. I'd visit their blogs and they'd visit mine. If I liked a post or a blog I'd follow and I'd get the same in return.

Going the follow me and I'll follow you route is a popular one but I find that when I do that, I sometimes don't read all the blogs I've followed because they just don't grab my attention the way a blog that I genuinely like to read would. I'd rather get followers (and be a follower) who reads and comments and the best way to be and get that is a slow and steady process.

I feel the SAME way!! Having said that, if you look at the archives of most of these blogs they're been around for a while, sometimes even years!! I'm crossing my fingers that I have a ton of followers one day...I understand that it can be discouraging to be sharing your thoughts, recipes, etc and have NO responses! I think only time will tell! ;-)

Always link up weekly in Exposure 99% weekday blog hop @ One moment in time, in that way you are sure of getting at least 10 followers and 5 readers each week. Many forget that finding followers is very important. When one follows your blog, she might  start having interest with your contents as time goes by.

Many blogs in my list today are blogs i just followed and later found them very interesting, that i visit them regularly..

There are a few things that might help people feel more comfortable on your site, make it easier to read. The color behind your text should be the same as the color of your post background. If you are adding your text by copy and paste that is causing it to come up with a white background. It would be better to type your text in directly on your post editor, or if you know how to edit the HTML you can delete the background color of the text. Another visual trouble spot is the size of your photos exceeds the size of your post area. You can reduce the size of your photos when you add them, just right click on the photo after adding it and select small or medium. If they are still too big you will have to reduce the file size before you add them. Smaller photos & file size will also allow your blog to function better, and it will look better too. Believe it or not visual appeal is important, however content is the most important.

Blog hops are probably the best way to get followers. Follow blogs you like and leave a comment with a link back to your blog. 

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