I'm trying to connect parents who can add their input on attachment parenting topics such as breastfeeding, babywearing, co sleeping & gentle discipline.  My blog is called Naturally Attached and I would love added comments and discussions! I believe us Mommas can help with each other tremendously by just adding the little things. The way we go about doing something. Tips and Tricks.  It can make all the difference in our daily lives!

Thanks so much and I look forward to talking with all of you!!

Brigid @ Naturally Attached

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We do practice attachment parenting, which is partially what my blog is about bossybabies.blogspot.com, would love to check out your blog!  I have been trying to connect with parents facing similar issues to mine!

Julie, I checked out your blog and I love it! I posted a few comments. Definitely check out mine and please add input, suggestions, whatever comes to mind! Keep in contact!

Brigid @ www.naturallyattached.com

Thanks for the comments. I will definitely have to drop by your blog. I first read about attachment parenting when we were having a hard time with our son. After reading about this in a Dr Sears book I decided to put every ounce of love I have into my son (not like I wasn't already). Since then it has been amazing. We have overcome some physical issues, lots of sickness and he really is the sweetest boy...

Talk to you later, Gina @ My Chocolate Peaces - a blog about the busy and crazy lifestyle

Hi Mama,

I am definitely an attached parent and I LOVE it!  It's always nice to find like minded Mamas with all the people out there telling me how I'm spoiling my child.  I will check you out and you can stop by mine as well.


I posted on your blog as well but I am a co-sleeping babywearer and I LOVE it!!!!  It's now the only way my princess goes to sleep without a fight, lol. 

Rachelle @ Confessions of a Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping, Pistol Packin Mama

I'm going to follow your blog now.  I am deffinitely a follower of attachment parenting.  My 20 month old daughter still sleeps with us, still breastfeeds (even though my whole family, including my own mother thinks it's inappropriate).  I try to follow all Dr. Sears' recommendations and I think it has been very successful with my daughter.  She is extremely confident, very healthy (she has never been sick except for a couple of very minor colds) and she is well bonded with my husband and I.  I can't imagine parenting any other way!

-Pamela, Owner, InspiredByFelicity.com



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